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Video Production – Raleigh, NC

MKG Media co is a video production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. MKG Media Co. serves businesses and organizations with the primary goal of helping our clients meet their business goals with video. We serve businesses and organizations based in North Carolina as well as national and global organizations.

Our Videos Make a Difference

When crafting your video, we start this process with the end result in mind. Our videos are created to speak to your target audience, engage them, and drive them to take action.

Our passion is creating effective video content to help you meet your goals – whether it is increasing visibility for your brand, growing an audience online, or reaching a specific target audience, we can help you to meet your goals and ultimately make a difference.


We don’t create videos just for the sake of creating videos. We create professional, results-focused videos for our clients to help them meet their business goals. Every video created has a business goal in mind. Otherwise, what would be the point of creating the video?

Outside of our video production services, we can provide guidance around tracking the success of your videos using metrics on various social media platforms. Remember, video and digital marketing is all about testing. There is so much data available at our fingertips, so let’s make the most use of it!

Our Process

Our video creation process includes pre production, production and post production. We value communication with our clients and strive to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Outside of video creation, we also provide consulting services around video marketing to help businesses maximize their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Let’s Start Your Project

Looking to have videos created for your business or have a business goal and need video marketing? Let’s talk! Reach out here and MKG Media Co. will get in touch in less than 24 hours.

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About MKG Media Co – Video Production Raleigh NC

Looking for video production in North Carolina? Based in Ralegh, NC, MKG Media Co. provides video production and video marketing consulting services to businesses and organizations. Our goal is to help you leverage the power of video to move the needle and meet your business goals.

We are extremely passionate about creating effective video content for your business and brand. This is our specialty, and we use data to track performance to help drive insight into your video marketing strategy.

When looking for video production in Raleigh, MKG Media Co. is an expert and thought leader in the industry. We have worked with clients across a variety of industries, including education, technology, the trades, retail, and more. We truly cannot wait to create the perfect video for your business!

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Our Blog

We post on our blog multiple times a month around video marketing, digital marketing, and business. Check out our blog here.

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