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12 Tips for Vlogging With Your Phone

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One of the most popular ways to capture content is to vlog with your phone. If you are looking for tips for vlogging with your phone, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will discuss tips for creating an effective vlog. We will also discuss how to become an effective storyteller, as well as the equipment and tools that can take your vlogging content to the next level. 

What Is a Vlog?

A vlog is a method of storytelling using video content. Typically, vlogs will take an audience on a journey and usually involve the creator speaking directly to the camera and taking the audience on their day-to-day activities to solve some sort of challenge. Vlogs can also be posted to most social media platforms and be either long-form or short-form video content.

What Makes a Vlog Effective?

There is no one right way to vlog, but there are strategies that can improve the success of your vlog content. A vlog is effective when you are able to engage your audience and pull them into the story that you are telling. Storytelling can take many forms, and the most effective bloggers are able to help an audience feel immersed in that story. In fact, storytelling is probably the most important tip for vlogging with phones.

Can You Use Your Phone for Vlogging?

You can absolutely use your phone to create vlog content. I recommend that new video creators and video creators that are brand new to vlogging leverage their phones to create blog content. When you are first starting out, it is much more important to master the art of effective storytelling than it is to go out and purchase the most expensive vlogging camera.

Focus On Storytelling

As mentioned, storytelling is the Cornerstone of any successful vlog and is the most important when it comes to tips for vlogging with your phone. A vlog should take your audience on a journey. Whether you create lifestyle content, educational content, or really anything else, storytelling is what will help to engage your audience. One way of structuring your vlogs for effective storytelling is to start your vlog off with some sort of challenge that you are trying to overcome. Then, a portion of your vlog can go through the steps that you took to overcome that challenge. What will really get your audience to continue watching, is that they will want to stay too so that they can see the result of what happened at the end. 

Ten Tips for Vlogging With Phone

Next, we will discuss ten tips for vlogging with your phone. Let’s do this!

Plan Your Vlog in Advance

When it comes to providing tips for vlogging with your phone, I cannot underestimate the importance of planning. Although this first tip can be used when vlogging with any type of device, it is incredibly important to research content ideas that will intrigue your audience.

Know Where You Will Post Your Content

The next tip for vlogging with a phone is to plan where you will upload your content, as this will dictate whether your footage should be shot horizontally or vertically (think short-form video vs long-form video).

Test Your Phone Quality in Advance

Next, it is important to understand how your phone performs in noisy environments.  While optimizing for noise control isn’t the most fun tip for vlogging with a phone, it is important. Be sure to test your phone’s capability in advance so that you can plan ahead. 

Understand Lighting

Lighting seems very simple, but it can honestly make or break a video! Practice filming videos where you are facing a light source. Make sure you never have your back to a light source, as this can result in your footage being backlit. 

Optimize Your Camera Settings

For the highest quality video possible, one of my best tips for vlogging with phone is to change your phone settings to 4k. 

Know Where You Will Film

It is important to plan out where you will be filming in advance. This tip for vlogging with a phone can also be used for other recording devices. While it can be difficult to optimize for audio quality in all scenarios, a little planning can go a long way. For example, if you plan to record content at a busy event, it might be a good idea to purchase an external microphone for your phone. 

Switch Things Up

One way to keep your audience interested in your blog is to switch up your scene. When it comes to engagement, this is one of my best tips for vlogging with a phone. Every minute or a couple of minutes, it is great to switch up the content that you were showing your viewer. The point of a Blog is to tell a story and one of the best ways to keep your story interesting is to switch up visuals while you continue the plot.

Know Where to Hold the Camera

Many creators make the mistake of filming too close to themselves, which creates a very awkward, up-close-and-personal style vlog. This phone vlogging tip will help you with the camera angle. It is much better to use a stabilizer or selfie stick so that you are able to hold the phone out some distance. This will also provide more of your background and make for a more interesting shot.

Plan for Extra Storage

When using your phone to film a lot of video footage, this is a great way to use up all of your storage. There is no worse feeling after you’ve planned your vlog to discover that you don’t have enough storage. Ensure that you have enough storage by clearing your phone’s storage or purchasing additional storage (such as iCloud storage or external storage).

Develop Your On-Camera Presence

One of the most difficult aspects of vlogging is developing an on-camera presence. Outside of storytelling, this is perhaps one of my most important tips for vlogging with a phone. It will likely take a little time, but try to find your own unique style for vlogging. Don’t try to imitate popular creators, but instead showcase your true personality.

Turn On Airplane Mode When Recording

Turning on airplane mode will help you to avoid interruptions like incoming phone calls. 

Leverage Functions Like Timelapse

If you want to mix up your content, utilizing timelapse could make sense!

Timelapse footage is really great for showing the behind-the-scenes of a process.

Best Equipment for Vlogging With Your Phone

One of my biggest tips for blogging with a phone is to make sure that you have the right equipment. While this is not a requirement for those starting out, having a few items on your wishlist to purchase could make a difference in the quality of your content. I’ve also found that certain pieces of equipment will absolutely make your life easier when it comes to filming and editing your vlog content.

A Gimbal Is a Great Way to Stabilize Your Footage on the Go!

One recommendation is the DJI OM 5 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer. This is a 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones with ActiveTrack 4.0 to provide more stability. This gimbal also includes an extension rod so that you can include more in the frame. The DJI OM 5 is currently available on Amazon for $129. Check it out here.

A Smartphone Tripod to Stabilize Your Footage in One Place

The Fugetek 67″ Professional Cell Phone Tripod is a great, affordable option for stabilizing your footage. If you create content where you talk to the camera or want to create footage that is stable in one location, this is for you! While this tripod is a bit flimsy, I still find that it works well for the price. The Fugetek 67″ Tripod is currently available on Amazon for about $11. Check it out here.

A Ring Light for Your Phone Can Improve the Quality of Your Footage

The UBeesize 10’’ LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder is a good option for anyone who wants better lighting while creating vlog content. While this light is not portable, it is a great option for anyone who will create content in one static location. This light is currently available on Amazon for $35.99. Check it out here.

External Audio to Improve the Quality of Your Audio

If you are ready to take your audio to the next level, this is for you! The Movo VXR10 Video Mic is a great way to easily improve the quality of your audio. The sound coming from a phone can often include background noise and echo, but a microphone will help to isolate your voice to improve the audio. The Movo VXR10 Video Mic is currently available on Amazon for $39.95. Check it out here.

External Storage for More Footage

The Flash Drive 256GB is the perfect way to extend your storage. This flash drive works for Android and iPhone. The Flash Drive 256GB is currently available on Amazon for $29.99. Check it out here.

The Best Software for Vlogging on Phone

Editing on Desktop

If you plan to edit your phone vlogging footage on your desktop, I highly recommend Premiere Pro! This tool gives you much wider capability and creativity than most smartphone video editors. You can purchase Premiere Pro for $20.99. Learn more here.

Editing on Your Phone

Editing your vlog footage using your phone can be easy and convenient. Below are a few apps to consider if editing on your phone.

CapCut – Free

Inshot – Free with in-app purchases.

Videoshop – Free with in-app purchases

Tips for Vlogging With Your Phone – Vlog Ideas

Not that we have discussed my favorite tips for blogging with your phone as well as some equipment recommendations here are a few log ideas to explore.

Morning or Night Routine

One idea is to create a vlog of your morning or night routine. These videos are super popular because for some reason we just love seeing how other people live. There are a lot of ways that you could create an engaging blog detailing your routine because you probably do a lot of different things in your day that you could create a video from.

Life as an [Entrepreneur, Influencer, Student, Etc.]

Vlogs that detail a day in your life as very popular! You could also tailor this video idea to your niche.

Trying Food [Could Be a New Food Release, Foods From Around the World, Etc.]

I don’t know about you, but I love watching foodie vlogs! You could create a vlog where you review new food products and even get more niche by focusing on specific types of food, like healthy eating, vegan or fast food.

Shopping Hauls

Many of us love a good shopping haul! I specifically love watching seasonal Trader Joe’s hauls. You could also apply this to almost any industry!

Take Your Audience on a Journey as You Accomplish Some Task or Goal

I know this idea is general, but you could apply it to almost any niche! You could take your audience through your work day, you could show them how to bake a cake, how to knit a scarf, really anything!

Tips for Vlogging With Phone – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Vlogging?

One of the main benefits of vlogging is that these types of videos allow your audience to really get to know you. Blogs are much different than short educational videos and your audience gets to really know your personality and you are really taking them on an adventure. Blocks can take longer to gain traction when compared to other more targeted types of videos, but they are excellent for building an audience that watches your content because they like you, not just the topic that you were speaking about. 

What Do I Need to Vlog on My Phone?

When you are just starting out, you really don’t need a whole lot to start blogging. If you would like to invest in some equipment, I would recommend purchasing an external microphone, and either a tripod or a stabilizer. This equipment will help to increase the quality of your Vlogs, and also make life a lot easier when you are recording content.

Can I Start a YouTube Channel With My Phone?

 The good news is that you can absolutely start a YouTube channel with your phone. Some of the biggest creators have started YouTube channels in recent years using nothing but their phones.

What Makes a Vlogger Successful?

Probably the best factor in determining how successful you will be as a vlogger is how well you are able to engage your audience. You can engage your audience using a variety of factors, including showing your true personality, using a wide variety of clips, and making sure that you were only including content in your blog that is interesting. More specifically, every clip used in your vlog should be intentional and have a purpose.

Tips for Vlogging With Your Phone – Conclusion

Whether you are new to vlogging or an experienced pro, I hope this guide to ten tips for vlogging with your phone was helpful! Smartphones can do amazing things these days, so why can’t vlogging be one of them? There are simple fixes you can make to significantly improve the quality of your vlogs when made with a phone. I’d love to hear from you in the comments – do you vlog with your phone? Let me know!

Check out this vlogging guide from Adobe.

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