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The Best Colorful Backdrop Ideas for Your Next Video

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Why you should consider a colorful backdrop for your next video

If you are looking for some colorful backdrop ideas then this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss some of the best colorful backdrop ideas for your next video photoshoot. Utilizing a backdrop for your next video can really make a difference when it comes to engaging your audience. A colorful video backdrop can also be a differentiator between you and someone who makes similar videos – it shows that you put in extra effort to make your backdrop look nice. Colorful backdrops can make your video look a lot more professional and you can really set the tone of the video based on your backdrop. 

When you avoid using a backdrop in your video content, you risk boring your audience with the same boring background. It can be so nice to change up the backdrops of your video to mix things up while also engaging your audience with a new, fresh, and vibrant video backdrop. Here are a couple more reasons why you should consider a colorful backdrop for your next video. 

Engaging your audience: When you take the time to create a stunning backdrop for your videos this is likely to engage your audience much more than a boring doll backdrop. When it comes to selecting a colorful backdrop, there are so many options – you can select the option that might appeal to your audience best. Some video creators include a call to action in their video backdrops, like writing on a whiteboard ‘subscribe to my channel.’ Other video creators choose to utilize stunning, colorful lights, and other creators choose a solid color or pattern backdrop. The use of a colorful backdrop can really make your video pop and stand out, thus engaging your audience further.

Visual aesthetic: A colorful backdrop can really set the tone for your visual aesthetic. Whether you enjoy bright colors or prefer an edgy backdrop using different colored lights, using a backdrop for your next video can really set the mood for your videos.

Endless options: The good news about utilizing a colorful backdrop? When you get tired of it, just switch it out. There are so many options to choose from and video backdrops are very flexible when it comes to changing the style of your video.

Now that we’ve discussed the value that a backdrop can bring to your next video, let’s walk through some options! AKA – the fun part. Here are ten colorful backdrop ideas for your next video.

Brick backdrop

Colorful Brick Wall Backdrop

If you are looking for a splash of color for your next video, look no further! This colorful brick wall backdrop could be the right backdrop to shake things up and catch the attention of viewers.

Solid color backdrop

If you like to keep things simple while also adding a splash of color, a solid-color backdrop may be just the thing for you!

Paint Splatter Backdrop

If you are creative and are looking for a pop of color, check out this fun paint splatter backdrop!

Green Grass Backdrop

This green grass-style backdrop has become more and more popular. It offers a nice pop of green color mixed with a modern style.

green grass over wood

Retro wood backdrop

If you are looking for a backdrop that is easy on the eyes and a little less colorful, check out this retro wood backdrop. This is perfect for almost any style video.

Wood Photography Backdrop

This wooden plank multi-color backdrop is great for photo or video and will add a colorful splash to your next video piece – 

Rainbow Splatter Backdrop

This paint splatter, space-like video backdrop is certainly eye-catching! If you have a fun, creative video on the horizon, this is the backdrop for you!

Colorful Book Backdrop

If you love books, this could be the perfect bookcase backdrop for you!

Red Brick Backdrop

This red brick backdrop is a bit more rustic while at the same time providing a significant pop of color.

White Brick Backdrop

If you are looking for a clean backdrop that is also professional, this white brick backdrop could be a great option for you!

Others Ways to Spice Up your Backdrop

If you don’t want to purchase a backdrop but are looking for other ways to add a pop of color, you are in luck. This can be a more cost-effective alternative or a way to provide a bit more depth to your video background. You can even use items that you currently own to make your video backdrop more colorful and engaging. Below are a couple of ideas to get you started:


Plants are an amazing way to add some color to your video backdrop! Just be sure to only incorporate plants if you will actually take care of them. A few of my favorite plants to add to a backdrop include succulents, snake plants, and ivey.

camera and plant on a table


I’ve long been a big fan of utilizing candles to make video backgrounds more interesting. Candles are a great way to bring some elegance to your videos and really create a welcoming ambiance!


Artwork can be a fun way to add a splash of color to your video backdrops! Really anything goes here, but remember that any artwork that you use will leave a lasting impression.


Furniture, like bookcases, can be a great addition to your backdrop. You could also have a nightstand or table in your background as well where you could sit some of the aforementioned items, like plants and candles.

Other colorful backdrop options

Although this list is limited to ten great colorful backdrops, there are also other backdrop options that you may want to consider. Cityscapes and scenes are very popular as well as drone photography backdrops. Another popular category is nature, so backdrops that feature photos in the wilderness or of beautiful national parks. Space is another popular backdrop theme as well.

When you shouldn’t use a colorful video backdrop

A colorful video backdrop is great in many circumstances, but not all of them. If you are creating videos for a business audience, you may not want to utilize a colorful video backdrop as this could be distracting. Depending on the audience, this may also not appear very professional. It is very important to align with what your audience is interested in, so keep this in mind when selecting a backdrop.

Why use a colorful video backdrop?

Video backdrops are a form of expression for video content creators. You can really evoke any emotion that you want using a colorful video backdrop. We live in a time where there are so many options available for customizing a video backdrop – if you get tired of something, you can easily swap it out!

Even if you don’t want to purchase a backdrop, you can still make changes to your existing background to make it more colorful, using furniture, candles, artwork, and even plants! The options are truly limitless.

I hope that these backdrop ideas for video have provided you with some inspiration. If I’ve left anything out, please comment your idea below! If you want more ideas, check out this post around the best home office backdrops.

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