Stop stressing about content with these Instagram post ideas

Are you looking for instagram post ideas to kick off your 2020? Whether you are looking for instagram post ideas for your business, creative tips, or inspiration for your next instagram post, this list is for you! Click over to check it out!

Are you looking for Instagram post ideas to kick off your 2020? Whether you are looking for Instagram post ideas for your business, creative tips, or inspiration for your next Instagram post, this list is for you! Click over to check it out!

We all know that with the Instagram algorithm constantly changing, it can be difficult to know what content performs best. One of the primary ways to understand what type of content you should be posting is to start testing! My recommendation would be to make a list (like the one I’ve provided for you below) and begin testing each type of content at different times of the day with a solid Instagram hashtag strategy.

So, with that being said, let’s go ahead and run through the Instagram post ideas list!

The very first content type that you should test are infographics. Including helpful ideas and tips on your Instagram posts will encourage users to save the post, which means a higher engagement rating for you. Give this one a try and let me know how it goes!

Next, consider creating a tutorial of some sort. If you are in an industry that is highly searched, consider creating a post where you teach your audience how to do something. You could also create a short video tutorial and upload a separate thumbnail to maintain the aesthetic of your feed.

As mentioned above, informational content does well on Instagram because it leads to post saves and also keeps users on the platform longer. Consider creating a post where you are sharing tips and tricks within your industry.

If you have the flexibility to post about food, this is a great idea to test out. Try using contrasting backgrounds and organization to create an aesthetically appealing food post.

If you do not share a lot about yourself on Instagram, try creating an introduction post. This is helpful because it puts a face to the account and makes your profile as a whole much more relatable.

Audiences love getting a behind the scenes look! Consider creating a post that represents your routine in some way. Whether its a picture of you checking emails or eating breakfast, this is definitely an idea to test! 

Desk setups are also very popular because you are giving your audience an inside look as to how you work. Consider creating a nice desk space and organizing your ‘work tools’ in an engaging way for a fun Instagram post.

Before and afters offer an interesting contrast for users. Something about a good before and after is satisfying. You can do this in almost any industry, including food, business, and wellness.

Similar to the desk setup, consider creating a post where you organize your work tools on a contrasting background. As an example, if you work in an office, you could use pencils, a smartphone and mouse. If you are an artist, you could use paint brushes if you paint.

If you are organized and have productivity tips to offer, it would be interesting to provide an inside look into what your process is all about. Consider sharing your to-do list to stay productive!

One way to organize photos is to experiment with sections. A photo with 4 sections of the same photo may be more eye catching and cause someone to do a double take.

It is usually a good idea to pay attention to trends as they arise, so consider taking advantage of this! Create a meme based on a trend and hope that it goes viral.

If you are into nature and believe you could add this into your feed without disrupting your content, go for it! Opt for unique and aesthetically appealing photos that use a variety of colors.

Travel photos are extremely popular on Instagram! It would be a great idea to incorporate these types of photos into your feed if they make sense for your niche. Test it out and let me know how this goes!

Finally – last, but certainly not least – people LOVE a good  sneak peak. Whether you are working on a product launch or are about to release a new set of services, a sneak peak could enhance the curiosity of your audience! Just be sure to follow through on the teaser so that you do not lose credibility.

I hope that these Instagram post ideas help you with your content strategy this year. As always, please comment below or email me at with any questions that you have.

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