Reel Ideas for Photographers – 30 of The Best Instagram Reel Ideas

Reel Ideas for Photographers – 30 Ideas

If you are a photographer, you may be wondering how you can extend your reach on social media. If you are, you are in the right place! Today you will learn 30 of the best Instagram Reel ideas for photographers. You will also learn some other helpful how-to information when it comes to posting on Instagram reels.

Why are Instagram Reels beneficial for photographers?

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram Reels are so beneficial for photographers is because they can greatly expand a photographer’s reach on social media. It is important to know who you are trying to reach when generating reel ideas for photographers. Right now (circa January 2022), Instagram Reels are giving a ton of visibility when compared to other online content types, such as YouTub videos or regular Instagram posts. It is definitely a great time to take advantage of this feature on Instagram.

Do Instagram Reels actually work for photographers?

Instagram Reels can work for any photographer if they are posting the right type of content for their goal. When considering Reel ideas for photographers, it is important to keep this in mind. For example, if you are trying to get more local clients, you should consider creating a reel with some of your best local work, and add a call to action similar to: “[your state], which is your favorite pic?”

Alternatively, if you are trying to expand your global reach or just get more eyes on your content, you could jump on the various photographer trends on Reels. To find these, I’d recommend searching for other photographers, checking to see if they have reels, and engaging with that content. The algorithm will begin to recommend more of this type of content to you.

How long does it take to create an Instagram Reel? 

Creating an Instagram reel can take as short or as long as you want it to. For example, putting a couple of images together in an Instagram Reel may only take a few minutes, but creating a video or participating in a trend could take an hour or more. My best advice here is to try creating a few Reels and then determine how long it will take based on this data.

What time commitment should photographers expect for creating Instagram Reels?

As mentioned in the section above, the time required to create an individual Instagram Reel may vary. Try creating a few Reels to see how long it will take. I’d recommend spending a few hours a week on Instagram Reels to gain traction and become as consistent as possible. This will help you to yield the best results for your business!

Can Instagram Reels hurt my photography business?

In my opinion, the only way that Instagram Reels can hurt your photography business is if you post harmful/inappropriate content. When it comes to creating Reels, we all start somewhere. Keep this in mind when generating photography ideas for Instagram Reels. As a photographer, you probably have a gift for digital media, so give yourself a little credit. I’m sure your Reels will be amazing!

Reel ideas for photographers – Instagram Reels and how to get started

The best way to get started with Instagram Reels is to first do some research on the types of content that photographers are posting to Reels. This will help to give you a good idea of what content does well on Reels. Next, you should start brainstorming the type of content that you would like to create! When it comes to trends, I always think it is a good idea to put your own spin on things. This will help to set you apart on Instagram Reels and further establish your brand.

30 of the BEST Instagram Reel Ideas for Photographers

Photography before and after edits (This is a beginner-friendly Reel idea!)

Creating a video where you show the RAW version of an image and then immediately share the edited version can be a fun way to show off your editing skills! I’ve found that users typically really enjoy the before and after videos.

Day in the life of a photographer (Great for more established photographers)

I’ve seen ‘Day in the life’ videos do really well on Reels. You could showcase what a typical day is like for a photographer. Users seem to really like these videos because they are curious about how other people live their life.

How you got your first photography client (Everyone can relate to this!)

A lot of people are starting businesses, so creating informational videos around how you are growing your business can be a great way to share your expertise and help out other fellow photographers.

Photography do’s and don’ts (This Reel idea is perfect for advanced photographers)

This is another video that is great if you are trying to reach other photographers. Sharing what to do and what not to do as a photographer can really help others!

What clients should look for when selecting a photographer in your niche

This video will be ideal if you are trying to reach potential clients. These videos work really well if you have a specific niche that you are targeting as a photographer, like weddings or businesses.

Top poses in your niche (Great for fashion and creative photography)

Instagram is definitely the place to go to reach people who are interested in different posing techniques! From weddings to professional photos, you can really target any niche.

Behind the scenes of a photography photoshoot

This video will likely be intriguing for photographers and non-photographers alike. Showing newbies the ins and outs of your photography process during a shoot will be helpful and entertaining.

An Instagram Reel showcasing your favorite photography gear

People are always into learning about different types of gear! It can be really fun to compare gear with other photographers and learn new tips and tricks.

Your journey to becoming a photographer (One of my favorite Reel ideas for photographers!)

Sharing your journey to becoming a photographer can be very inspirational for people looking to start a photography business or entrepreneurs in general.

Product photography shoots (one of my favorite Instagram Reel Ideas!)

If you are a product photographer, showing how you achieved a particular image by showcasing what props and equipment you used can be super fun and creative. Product photography content is one of the best reel ideas for photographers.

Promote a photography giveaway

If you are looking to get more eyes on a giveaway, Reels is definitely the way to do this! Promote your giveaway using Instagram Reels to get the maximum reach without paid ads.

Tips for beginner photographers in your niche

One way to reach other photographers is to provide tips for beginner photographers in the niche that you specialize in. 

Compare your photography when starting to now

Users typically love videos that provide suspense or comparison in some way, and this video is no different! 

Reel Ideas for Photographers – Share the biggest mistakes you made as a photographer

I think that sharing mistakes should be more common on social media. So many people share nothing but their best moments, but if we were to share our mistakes or lessons learned, this could make your content more relatable while helping others.

Share what makes you different as a photographer in your niche

If you are trying to get more clients, you could make a video highlighting your unique aesthetic and what makes your content different. When doing this, just remember to try not to bash other creators.

Highlight photography from some of your favorite local places

If you are trying to reach a local audience, highlighting some of your favorite local places could be a great idea! This would help you to get more exposure without directly promoting your business. This is one of my favorite concepts when it comes to reel ideas for photographers.

Highlight photos from your favorite shoots (One of my favorite Reel ideas for photographers)

Another way to reach a wider audience of fans or potential clients is to highlight photos from your favorite shoots. You could make a video and line up each photo to a different beat in the song to help it flow.

Highlight common misconceptions or myths about photographers

Highlighting common misconceptions about photographers can help to answer questions for potential clients.

Share how you edit your photos

If you’d like to create more educational content for photographers, you could consider showing the secret recipe behind how you edit your photos.

Share the editing apps that you use

Another great way to reach other photographers is to share the apps you use. You could do a roundup of your favorite apps and then also create mini-tutorials for each of the apps on separate videos.

Provide a morning routine or something non-business related so that you can connect with clients on a personal level as well

I think it is important to connect with your audience as much as possible. Creating relevant or adjacent content that isn’t necessarily photography-related, but still connects with your audience, can be a great way to do this.

Do an FAQ video with common questions from your target audience

Doing an FAQ video can answer common questions from potential clients. This can help to further qualify a client before they contact you.

Do an FAQ related to pricing questions from your target audience

Another big question that potential clients often have is around pricing. If you create a video detailing these commonly asked pricing questions, this could also help to further qualify potential clients.

Introduce yourself to your audience (One of the easiest Instagram Reel Ideas)

If you consistently get new views and followers on your account, introducing yourself to your audience could be a great idea. I think that it is important to relate to your audience and be as transparent as possible. Intro videos help to do this.

Customer testimonial (This Reel Idea is good for ANY business!)

I’m a big fan of customer testimonial videos in general. I think this is the best type of content to showcase others vouching for your work. The best thing a business can do is have other people recommend them to generate word of mouth and credibility.

Why hiring a photographer in your niche is beneficial

Some people or businesses may believe that it is not beneficial or worthwhile to hire a photographer. Create a video to prove these naysayers wrong!

Collaborations with local influencers

If you are trying to generate more buzz locally or in your industry, consider collaborating with local influencers! This is a fantastic way to gain some social credibility and exposure while also continuing to fine-tune your portfolio.

Call for local models (Great Reel idea for creative/fashion niches)

If you are looking for local models to create some new content for your portfolio, consider creating a Reel to promote this.

Seasonal photo content

Instagram users love seasonal content. Consider posting some of your favorite seasonal photos to generate some buzz.

Photo setting videos (Perfect for fashion/creative photography niches)

If there are specific settings that you used to achieve a particular aesthetic for your photos, you may want to create a video to show other photographers the settings that you used to achieve this look.

Reel ideas for photographers – The Official Instagram Reels Guide:

Now that I have ideas for my Instagram Reel, how do I record?

To record your Instagram Reel, go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and find the ‘plus’ icon. Select ‘Reel.’

Instagram profile example - select plus icon

Select the IG Reel button to create a Reel

Next, begin recording!

Begin filming your IG Reel!

How do I add audio to my Instagram Reel?

To add audio to your Reel, go to the left-hand side of the screen and select the ‘music note’ icon. You can then select from various sounds. 

Select the music note icon on the left to choose music

You can also find additional audio by checking out the Instagram Reel explore section and selecting the audio on a Reel that you want to use.

Next, choose through a variety of music options. This will help you with creating reel ideas for photographers.

How do I edit clips for my Instagram Reel?

To edit clips for your Instagram Reel, select the back arrow after you’ve recorded your clips.

Select the back button to start editing your IG Reel. Editing a Reel helps you to come out with a better end result. Consider some of the ideas mentioned above for the best reel ideas for photographers.

You can then select a clip, select the ‘scissors’ icon, and then trim the clip.

Select the scissor icon to edit
Next, trim the clip to edit

How do I add text for my Instagram Reels?

To add text to your Instagram Reel, select the ‘preview’ button, and then the letters on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Select the preview button to begin the process of adding text. Consider some of the ideas mentioned above for the best reel ideas for photographers.

Select the text icon and begin typing
Select the next button to add a caption

Select the share button to publish your IG Reel!

How can I explore and find trending Instagram Reels?

To find trending Reels, go to any screen on Instagram and select the ‘Reels’ icon in the bottom center.

Select the IG Reel icon below to go to the Reel Explore Page. This will lead you to finding more IG Reel ideas for photographers.

Reel Ideas for Photographers – Summary

Whether you are new to creating content for your business or you’ve been doing it for a while, I hope this video is helpful! You could even combine some of the ideas that I’ve listed above to be even more creative when generating reel ideas for photographers. Just remember, it is important to be consistent when posting to Reels to get the most impact. This doesn’t mean you have to post every day, but at long as you are consistent, this is what matters. 

Have any questions, comments, or ideas? Please leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! To learn more about Instagram Reels, check out this post from Instagram.

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