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Music for YouTube Channels | The Complete Guide

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If you are looking for the best music for YouTube channels, you are in the right place! The use of music in a YouTube video can greatly improve the engagement of the video and enhance the video as a whole. While it seems simple, the use of music in a YouTube video can make it much more enjoyable. For this reason, I will share the best sources when it comes to finding royalty-free music for YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Music – Why Should I Use Music?

There are periods of time where I’ve used music in my YouTube videos as well as times on YouTube where I have completely disregarded music. I definitely think that the videos where I’ve used music were a lot higher quality and more engaging to watch. I think that to make a really great video, it is important to combine a variety of elements. It is also important to avoid adding in too much of just one element. As an example, if you were creating a video, you wouldn’t want to use ten different types of font styles. Similarly, you would want to avoid using ten different colors for your text. This would make the video very unprofessional and a little ridiculous from a style perspective. As an example, think about Powerpoint animations and styles that are over the top). 

Instead, I think it is better to combine a variety of elements, such as b-roll, text, music, and even graphics in a much more subtle way. All of these elements, when combined in the right way, will create a much more cohesive and engaging video.

When considering music for YouTube channels, this is part of why music is so important in elevating the quality of your YouTube videos. It helps to add another layer of engagement and interest to your video. Music also helps to form an aesthetic for your overall video. Whether you are going for something more cinematic or something more high energy, this can be achieved through the use of music.

How to Use Music in YouTube

Adding music to your YouTube videos is generally pretty simple. The first step is to download the music that you would like to use. Once you have downloaded the music file, go ahead and open up your video editor. You now have the option to import the music file or drag it from a folder into your project timeline.

Once the file has been added to your video editor, you are now able to edit where you would like the music to appear as well as the volume of the music.

From an editing standpoint, I have a few recommendations when using music for YouTube channels. First, it is important that the music file does not overshadow any dialogue or speech taking place in the video. For this reason, I think it is best if the music volume is much lower than dialogue within the video.

When it comes to transitions and ensuring music is as seamless as possible, I think it is important to make use of fade transitions. You could add a fade at the beginning and end of the music clip so that it fades more naturally rather than having the music abruptly stop.

How to Prevent Copyright Strike On YouTube

The best way to avoid copyright strikes when utilizing YouTube channel music is to always get permission when using music. If you aren’t sure if the music is fair use, be sure to reach out to the artist. Many artists also require credit to be placed in the description of a music video. Be sure to follow these rules to avoid a copyright strike.

Additionally, when using music from other sites, there are often specific directions for how to use the music. Some sites require verification with your YouTube channel or the use of specific codes in your YouTube description to avoid a copyright strike.

What Happens if I Get a Copyright Strike On YouTube?

A copyright strike is much more serious than a copyright claim. If you get three copyright strikes, your YouTube channel will be terminated (yikes!). According to Google, there are three ways to resolve a copyright strike. First, wait for it to expire after 90 days and complete copyright school if it is your first strike. Second, contact the person who submitted the strike and get that to retract it. Third, counter the strike. When considering YouTube channel music, it is so important that you go about using music in the right way and crediting the right sources.

What to Do if I Get a Copyright Claim on YouTube?

When you upload a video and it has been processed, before you even publish the video you can see if a copyright claim has been made. During this process, you have the option of replacing the song, muting the song, or disputing the claim altogether. Another option is to trim out the audio that has received a copyright claim. It is best practice to be safe rather than sorry when using music for YouTube channels.

Royalty Free Music for YouTube Creators

Below is a list that I put together around the best royalty-free music for YouTube channels.

Top Ten Places to Get Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Channels


Cost: Creator license ($14.99/month), Pro license ($29.99/month).

About this tool: I am a big fan of SoundStripe! Not only have I used Soundstripe when searching for YouTube channel music, but I’ve used this tool for professional video projects as well. I’ve found that the quality of music on Soundstripe is top-notch. Soundstripe makes it easy to use quality music on every project. Also, if you are someone like me who tends to stress out about the music for your project, you definitely won’t have to worry when you use Soundstripe because there are so many great options to choose from. Click here to check out Soundstripe.

YouTube Audio Library

Cost: Free

About this tool: If you are looking for music to easily add to a YouTube video without needing to worry about copyright issues, YouTube Audio Library is for you! While the audio library is somewhat limited, there are some decent options available if you are looking for YouTube channel music. I would highly recommend checking out the YouTube audio library.

Epidemic Sound

Cost: Personal/Influencer ($15/month), Commercial ($49/month).

About this tool: Epidemic Sound is definitely one of the most popular tools used by the YouTube community and one that I would consider the golden standard. There are so many music and sound effect options and you can rest assured that you will not get a copyright claim. I’ve used Epidemic Sound in the past and have been very happy with the quality of music available on this platform.


Cost: Unlimited All Access for Video, Audio & Images ($65/month)

About this tool: Not only does Storyblocks provide an extensive library of video and photo content, but Storyblocks also provides audio! This is going to be a fantastic option if you use a lot of stock photos and video footage. I’ve used this tool for b-roll and stock footage on various professional projects and have never been disappointed.


Cost: Price varies based on file

About this tool: AudioJungle is a subset of Envato Market, which is a platform that provides video, audio, graphics, and more. I’ve used AudioJungle in the past and what I like is that this tool doesn’t require you to pay for a subscription. You can just pay for the audio file that you want. This is helpful if you know you will only need music every once in a while and could potentially help you to save a little money.


Cost: Some files are free, some are paid. Depends on the file.

About this tool: I’ve always been a big fan of Soundcloud! This is such a great tool for discovering new and upcoming artists. When searching for tracks, be sure to specify how you will be using it (such as to use or modify commercially). This will ensure that you are shown audio tracks that are available for commercial use. You can then click on a track and see if there is a way to download. Sometimes artists will have free downloads as long as you provide credit or links to purchase the music.


Cost: Standard Subscription (€139/Year) or Extended Subscription (€390/Year)

About this tool: Bensound offers a wide variety of royalty-free music. It seems like there isn’t a monthly payment plan with this option, so if you are fine with paying an annual fee, this could be a good option for you.


Cost: Unlimited online license for one track ($19), local broadcast license for one track ($39), international broadcast license for one track ($79).

About this tool: Similar to AudioJungle, instead of paying a subscription, you pay a fixed price per audio track. It looks like there is a large variety of music to choose from across multiple genres. What I like about EnovoMusic is that there is currently also a custom music bundle option, which helps you to save money based on how many tracks you purchase.


Cost: Personal/influencer license ($14.99/month), Personal/Commercial license ($16.60/month billed annually).

About this tool: What I like about this tool is that not only are there options for music but there are also options for sound effects and footage. Sound effects are so underrated and can really improve the quality of your videos! If you are interested in sound effects, I would definitely try Artlist.


Cost: Music bed charges users based on a number of factors. Be sure to check out the website and complete the form to determine how much this service would cost.

About this tool: I’m a big fan of the quality of music provided by Musicbed. There is a lot of really clean, modern music that could easily take your YouTube video up a notch (at least).

YouTube Channel Music Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions when it comes to finding music for youtube channels. If you have a question that is not answered below, please be sure to leave me a comment!

Where to Find Royalty Free Music for YouTube Intro?

If you are looking for royalty-free music for your YouTube intro, I recommend purchasing the license to one song rather than utilizing a subscription. The main reason is that many subscriptions require you to continue to re-license a song whenever you want to use it, but if you purchase the license to one song, you should be able to use it as many times as you want. This has been my experience, anyway. Also, if you only need one piece of music, you are getting more for your money to purchase the license for one song rather than paying for a subscription.

Where to Get Copyright Free Music for YouTube?

There are so many places to find copyright-free music for YouTube. Some of these sources are paid, while others are free. You can check out the YouTube Audio Library or some of the other options listed above.

How to Create a YouTube Intro With Music?

First, you will need to purchase the full license to a track. Check out the options that I’ve listed earlier in the article. Next, add the track to your editing timeline. Line up the track with the accompanying video clip. Be sure to fade out the music at the end of the intro. Have fun and get creative!

How to Use Your Own Music on YouTube?

The process for using your own music on YouTube should be fairly simple. Once you have the music file exported and complete, you are able to upload it into your video editing timeline. Because this is music that you own, you shouldn’t need to provide credit or do anything extra unless you would like to protect your music from being used in other videos.

Best Music for YouTube Channel?

You can use any type of music for your YouTube channel in any genre. When it comes to a specific style, I think the best music for YouTube channels is music without lyrics. I think that lyrics and singing can take away from a YouTube video if another person is speaking at the same time. I would also avoid using music that is extremely distracting or loud while someone is speaking. This type of music is fine to use for an intro or during b-roll.

How to Use Soundcloud Music for YouTube?

To use royalty-free music from Soundcloud on Youtube, you likely have a few different options. When searching for a royalty-free track on Soundcloud, I typically look for tracks that I can use commercially or modify commercially. Once I find a track that I like, I select the track, and there is typically an option to purchase the track or download the track for free if you provide credit. Be sure to look for royalty-free music under the creative commons license to be on the safe side.

When Should I Avoid Using YouTube Channel Music?

I think that the use of music on a YouTube channel is a great idea in most situations. One instance where it may not be a great idea to use music is if you are looking for a dramatic pause. Sometimes the absence of sound helps to create a more dramatic effect. 

Another instance when it may not be a good idea to use music is if the sound quality of your video is already poor. If this is the case, using music may only make it worse. As an example, if you record a video using no external mic, and you are outside or in an area with a lot of background noise or cars passing by, this may not be a good time to layer on additional music. If the audio is already difficult to hear, adding on background music may make it worse.

How Do I Edit Music Onto My YouTube Video?

To add music to your YouTube video, all you need to do is drag the music file onto your video editing timeline. You can add music to basically any type of video editor. Once the file is on your timeline, you can begin editing!


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into finding great music for YouTube channels. There is so much to consider when selecting music for your YouTube channel. This includes the style of music, your budget, as well as how to use music in a safe way and avoid copyright claims. Music can also be tricky as it is important to use music legally to avoid copyright claims or strikes on your YouTube channel.

Music can add a lot of personality to your YouTube video. I think that adding music definitely takes your YouTube channel up a notch. I hope that you find what you are looking for in the sources I’ve listed above. As always, if you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments.

Tools, Deals & Resources

I listed my favorite tools above, but check out the following tools if you are looking for a discount or free trial! As a disclaimer, I will make a percentage of sales/commission if you click on or use the following services:


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Epidemic Sound

Get a free, 30-day trial with Epidemic Sound!

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