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Tool Overview

Like many YouTubers, you might be looking for the right tool to help you better plan your video content and improve the performance of your videos. There are many tools that exist to help YouTubers, including TubeBuddy and VidIQ to name a few. This article will provide my review of Morning Fame. This is an invite-only tool designed to provide a better way to review your YouTube analytics while also providing an SEO tool to help you rank in search. I’ve used multiple YouTube video tools and Morning Fame definitely presents YouTube analytics in a different way. I can’t wait to get your thoughts on this platform – let’s get started with this review!

What is Morning Fame?

Morning Fame is a YouTube performance tool that helps users simplify their YouTube video analytics to help them grow on YouTube. Morning Fame does a great job of helping you optimize your videos for YouTube search. This tool also provides recommendations to help you grow your YouTube channel. Morning Fame is different than Tube Buddy and VidIQ in that analytics are displayed in a more user-friendly way instead of simply repeating the analytics that YouTube has already provided.

How does Morning Fame work?

Morning Fame is pretty easy to use. Once you sign up, you will need to grant the tool with access to your YouTube channel so that they are able to pull the metrics.

My favorite Morning Fame Features

Features – Traction

The traction tab analyzes your entire YouTube channel as well as each of your videos. Videos are analyzed based on a few metrics that are considered extremely important for growing your YouTube channel. What I like about this tab is that it breaks down these analytics in a consumable, easy-to-understand way.

The first set of analytics provided to assess your YouTube channel includes whether your channel growth is speeding up or not. This overall assessment is based on the performance of each video that you publish. The goal is to be able to make better videos that ultimately result in a channel that is growing consistently.

The next analytic shows your average views. Next, you will find average view duration. If you are underperforming, you have the option to join a workshop to improve average view duration. You are also provided with a view duration baseline that you should aspire to meet to grow your channel.

Finally, you are provided averages for likes, comments, and subscribers gained as well as whether you are meeting the mark or missing it. Overall, this section of the traction tab provides a great, easy-to-consume overview of how your channel is performing. You are also able to gather insights around how you can improve the content on your channel to grow.

Other highlights

You are able to look at these metrics for all of your videos on one page to get a good idea of what content works for your channel. I really like this feature because it helps me to easily understand what content that I need to be making more of on a regular basis to grow my channel.

This feature also tells you which videos are being shared more often. This is another indicator of what content that you should lean into more often.

You can also sort by average view duration – this metric is absolutely critical for growth on YouTube!

Features – Strategy

In the strategy tab you are able to critique your channel’s performance. This tab provides insights around where your channel stands with views, watch time, engagement and subscribers compared to typical channel performance.

The strategy tab features a section called growth opportunities. This section highlights videos that you should create more of based on how they performed for your channel. This section also highlights the videos that performed very poorly for your channel that you should avoid creating in the future.

The strategy tab also shows how your playlists are performing for metrics like views, view duration and subscribers gained.

The last insight from this section provides feedback around whether your channel is growing or not.

Features – Workshop

The workshop tab portion provides lessons based on areas that you need to improve so that you are able to grow your channel. This is very helpful because unlike other tools out there, Morning Fame provides actionable information all within their platform. You don’t need to go digging on YouTube for an hour to figure out how to improve engagement on your videos.

Features – Velocity

Velocity measures how many views and likes you get in the first hours of the life of your video. The more views and likes you get in the first 72 hours, for example, the higher velocity that particular video has. This metric is extremely important on YouTube. A high-velocity video that gains significant traction as soon as it is published is much more likely to get pushed out through YouTube’s algorithm. This is ultimately what leads to massive channel growth!

Other features

Another really cool aspect is the ability to perform keyword research! You are able to perform keyword research for 24 hours every 12 days. I’m not sure why Morning Fame has created these time parameters, but I did find this interesting. This could be to force users to quickly perform research and take action so that they are able to move the needle on their channel.

How much does this tool cost?

As of right now, the plus plan costs 12.90 a month when paid by the month, or 9.90 a month when paid yearly. The basic plan costs $4.90 a month when paid by the month, or 3.90 a month when paid yearly. When compared to other YouTube video growth tools, Morning Fame is extremely affordable!

Cons of Morning Fame

While I like Morning Fame overall as a tool for growing on YouTube, here are a few cons that I’ve noticed with the tool.

  • One con of Morning Fame involves the time parameters provided for using the keyword research tool. While Morning Fame provides 24 hours every 12 days, sometimes 24 hours isn’t quite enough time to get keyword research done – especially if you are busy.
  • The next con of Morning Fame is that it is invite only. I understand that this helps to promote curiosity and exclusivity. This stipulation does makes it a little more difficult to gain access to Morning Fame. This might not be ideal if someone is really interested in using Morning Fame but cannot figure out how to gain access. Also, if you google ‘Morning Fame access code,’ you will definitely be able to find an invite link. Based on this, the invite only aspect seems pointless.
  • The lack of a competitive analysis feature is a little disappointing. This can be helpful to know what video content is and is not working for your competition.
  • The lack of title and thumbnail analysis is probably the biggest con in my opinion. If you have a poor thumbnail and video title then it will be challenging to gain traction on a video. If people are not interested in the copy or thumbnail on a video, then they will not click on it.

5 Reasons why you should use Morning Fame

Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should use Morning Fame to improve your YouTube videos and channel.

  • This tool provides a way to consume YouTube analytics in a very easy way. YouTube’s analytics can be overwhelming for those that are not used to reviewing these types of insights, and Morning Fame definitely helps with this.
  • In addition to providing easily consumable analytics, Morning Fame goes a step further and delivers tactical suggestions for creating better videos. You are provided with insights and suggestions for implementing these insights into your video strategy.
  • I like that Morning Fame has a keyword research tool built into the platform. This way you are able to perform all of your research and analysis in one easy-to-use platform.
  • The cool thing about this tool is that it is extremely affordable when compared to TubeBuddy and VidIQ. The prices of these tools range anywhere from $7.50 to $415 a month.
  • Morning Fame also highlights the analytics that YouTube cares about when it comes to growing your channel and gaining traction

Is Morning Fame right for you?

In summary, Morning Fame is a YouTube video improvement tool designed to help you grow your channel. This tool is more affordable than others and provides easy-to-understand insights. You are also provided with specific tactics for improving your YouTube videos so that they grow your channel. Outside of this the tool also provides keyword research capability. So, is this tool right for you? Let me know in the comments!

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