Interview with Nicoa Dunne

This week, I am sharing an interview that I recently did with Nicoa Dunne, Executive Lifestyle Coach, where we discuss methods to improve mindset during the COVID-19 pandemic and ways to pivot your business. Please find additional information about Nicoa below as well as how to get in touch with her. We hope you enjoy the interview! 

Nicoa Dunne is a seasoned guide with 20+ years as a Human Resources Executive with General Electric, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Allscripts. She has excelled as a lifestyle coach certified through the Newfield Network and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching all while proudly co-parenting six kids! Over the years, she’s consulted 100s of business leaders and top executives from Fortune 100 companies across the globe using her “Life by Design” strategy and blueprint. Her goal? Helping others find their True North and design their dream lives by rediscovering their authentic selves.

According to her coaching principles, Nicoa believes in the power of energy attraction and the natural human ability to achieve complete success and happiness without compromise through a proven behavior and mindset shift. She’s cultivated a loyal digital audience and developed an online course to help make her “Life by Design” strategy more easily accessible to a wider range of people.  

These days, she focuses on teaching her 7-step blueprint to achieving success and happiness, energy leadership, and conscious coupling for those looking to enhance the power of deeper connections with others in their lives. Not only is she a life by design coach but she is actually role modeling by authentically walking the talk and enjoying every minute of her ideal life by design!

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The interview

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