The Best Home Office Backdrop for Video Calls

A picture of a desk and laptop in front of a window.

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Looking for a home office backdrop for video? Then this guide is for you! With working from home being so common, you might be looking for some fresh ideas to spice up the virtual background that you use when making video calls. A fun backdrop can be the perfect way to add creativity or professionalism to your next virtual call.

This article explores a variety of creative ways to change up your backdrop. Keep reading for inspiration!

Why Create the Best Home Office Backdrop for Video

Virtual calls have become a relatively normal way of communication in the past couple of years. When the situation requires it, business can be conducted using video calls and conferences. 

Companies and large businesses often have special rooms or places for video conferences, which make things look a lot more professional. Smaller businesses and freelancers often turn to virtual backgrounds or physical backdrops. Either of these two can make an otherwise casual-looking background turn into a very professional environment.

Backdrops are one great way to leave a positive first impression in your next video call.

A Planned Home Office Space Reduces Stress

Creating a routine or schedule is often very important, including having a planned time to wake up, sleep, work and even rest. A chaotic schedule can be a very large source of stress. When transitioning to a remote working environment without a plan, this often creates a significant amount of stress. This is especially true if your work environment isn’t planned for work, is loud, or lacks organization.

Designating a specific part of a room as office space and incorporating a backdrop can turn a casual environment into a professional one, helping the transition to work from home. This can create a sense of organization and ultimately reduces stress. 

It is important to note that purchasing a home office backdrop alone is not an end-all, be-all solution. Additional steps need to be taken to improve the quality of video calls.

Lighting Makes or Breaks Video Content

Every good video is created by using light in a very creative and purposeful way. Similarly, by using light appropriately, your presence in a virtual conference can be improved. Adding lights in a meaningful way should flatter both the backdrop and speaker. A good light to start with is the Neewer 20-inch LED Ring Light Kit, which does a great job at an affordable price.

Home Office Backdrop for Video – Organization Is Key

Even if you have the most expensive studio lighting or the best backdrop idea, without proper organization you will likely not get your money’s worth. As an example, keeping random belongings in an office and having them show up in your background while on a call will definitely take away from your overall professionalism.

A few items to consider incorporating into your home office backdrop for video calls includes:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Books
  • Great lighting
  • Computers
  • File cabinets
  • Plants
  • Creative art

Any of these items are likely to be found in an office, making them the perfect additions to a backdrop.

On the other hand, the following items should not be in a backdrop:

  • Too much light (avoid backlit video) or too many distractions 
  • Anything bathroom-related
  • Beds
  • Clothes

These are some things to avoid as parts of a backdrop or actual backdrop images or themes.

Plain Images Are Often the Best Backdrop for Home Office Video Conferences

Nothing beats a plain image or color, unless the color is very eye-popping or contrasting. Whether a set of planks, the color green, or a still photo with very few details, a plain backdrop is one of the best solutions to making a great impression.

A professional look does not have to be compromised by a glaring backdrop with too many details. A simple backdrop points in the direction of the speaker, adding to a call, rather than distracting guests. A good example would be this HUAYI White Brick Wall backdrop. It is simple and white, with brick as the only detail to give an impression of a cozy office.

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Office Backdrops

It is easy to get things wrong on the first try, especially if you have never had any previous experience when it comes to creating an office backdrop. Decoration and backdrops, not to mention lighting, and camera setup, can be tedious work for those unfamiliar with the topic. 

To make things easier, here are a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to setting up a home office backdrop for video calls.

The Do’s

Do set your backdrop straight. A crooked backdrop will most certainly be a giveaway that you have a backdrop. Utilizing a backdrop can be a great option, but a crooked one may give the impression of laziness.

Do choose a simple backdrop.

Do make sure that your backdrop resembles an office.

Do set up the lighting so that it does not reflect off the backdrop.

The Don’ts

Don’t purchase a backdrop with too many details or too much clutter.

Don’t leave parts of your room visible outside the backdrop. It should cover the entire field of view of the camera.

Don’t use poor-quality light sources that distort the video quality. Professional lights should be used.

Don’t use a dirty backdrop. If it gets stained, it should either be cleaned, if possible, or replaced.

Be mindful when choosing a backdrop, and even more when you actually set it up. A good backdrop can still look bad if the rest of the setup is bad.

20 Home Office Backdrop for Video Ideas

Having a good home office backdrop for video calls can make or break a meeting. People who are unfamiliar with decoration or indoor design can often have issues with choosing the right backdrop. With that, here are 20 great backdrop ideas.

A picture of a laptop and plant on a desk in front of a window.

A Picture Frame (Real and Virtual)

A simple picture frame is often one of the best items to use as a backdrop. Virtual ones are great, but a real picture frame can also be used if set up properly with regards to the frame of the call. Virtual frames might make more sense because real frames will take more time and effort to be properly set up.

Green Screens (and Green Screen Ideas)

Green screens enable you to place almost anything as your backdrop. They can be a great solution in the short or long term. Here are some ideas to consider as a home office backdrop for video conferences. Check out this list of green screen ideas for more inspiration.

  • A work desk. Work desks are important for offices. Having an image of a work desk signals office work and dedication.
  • Office space and a window. Windows are common subjects for office backdrops, including parts of an office. Depending on the image, more or less of the office could be visible in the backdrop
  • Cityscape. Cities are a good choice for backdrops, often being associated with large businesses and work.
  • Wooden planks. Wood often brings feelings of coziness and warmth, and with its plainness, it can also help with focusing on the conversation or speaker.

Real Wooden Planks

While virtual planks might work for a meeting, real planks will be there for a long time and can be reused for other purposes. It also helps to have real wood behind you, making the office not only professional but also quite rustic.


Artwork can be used as a great home office backdrop for video calls. It can be difficult to know which art to choose. Here are some great paintings and pictures to consider.

  • Nothing beats a good set of Vintage Flowers. This set of four pictures will make an office look better – even a virtual one.
  • Motivational pictures often work wonders by reminding you to work hard and chase your dreams. It is worth being reminded of this, especially if you work remotely or by yourself.
  • Keeping things minimal with motivational messages across a white canvas while also making use of a good backdrop for home office video conferences is a great way to do two things with a single purchase.
  • Sometimes, a picture of a city can be a great idea, especially if that city is New York. The Big Apple can be a great motivator.
  • Vibrant colors and flowers in four small paintings can give a backdrop the flair it might have been missing.
  • Peacocks are among the world’s most popular subjects for paintings, and for good reason. Their feathers are among the most beautiful in the world.
  • Maps can are an inspiring backdrop for those with wanderlust.
  • A bit of Van Gogh-like art can go a long way. A castle in the Starry Night style can be a wonderful addition to any backdrop.
  • The Moon has its meaning in many cultures, especially mythology. It symbolizes a goal in some cases and one which can be reached with hard work and dedication. This theme could be perfect for an office.

Artwork can help a home office, yet it should be something along the lines of the things mentioned above. These are concrete examples, but anything similar to these paintings and pictures can be used to improve an already good backdrop, or to serve as a backdrop of its own.

Home Office Backdrop for Video – Virtual Background Images

In a world where digital video calls are frequent and for most people who work from home, a daily occurrence, virtual wallpapers and backdrops have become very popular. Choosing the right wallpaper for a home office backdrop for video calls can be a challenge, but given that most simple, single-color images work great, it should not be so difficult. Brick walls, plants, and calming colors like green and blue, are all great ideas for a virtual background.

Prior to starting a real call with a client or employer, the virtual background should be checked and tested. This will help to avoid any technical difficulties where the virtual background is not working properly. Other problems might occur, especially with positioning, which is why testing a new virtual backdrop is highly recommended.

Vinyl Decorations

Everybody loves a good vinyl record, usually for nostalgia or simply because they tend to make good decorative pieces. Actually, vinyl itself can be great for making decorative objects. Whether a wall of vinyl records or using vinyl to make abstract art, it might add something familiar or relatable to a backdrop.

A Bookcase Backdrop

Offices with books in them tend to look a lot better. A real bookcase would be among the best choices for a backdrop. Not everybody has or can afford a wall of books, but a bookcase backdrop is another thing. There are plenty of them, some with a modern, sleek design, while others have a very vintage look. Either would work.

Premade Office/Garden Combinations

Backdrops that include a garden or greenery are pretty common, yet refreshing, in an office setting. Green is among the calmest of colors. Plants are also calming, even when virtual. Some backdrops change the office to a living room, yet focusing on a garden or greenery, usually seen through a window. Using this theme can be a great way to provide a calmness to your virtual background.

A Canvas Divider

Canvas room dividers can be both pretty and functional. They can also serve as a great and beautiful backdrop. Check out this list of virtual background ideas for more inspiration.

Conclusion and Summary – What Makes a Good Home Office Backdrop for Video Calls

Having a backdrop has become an almost essential part of professional video calls and conferences. They are not mandatory, but given their possible impact, they are more than recommended.

A simple backdrop with great lighting can change the course of a meeting. Virtual backgrounds can work as well, depending on the budget and setup. Home offices can only benefit from having a backdrop, virtual or otherwise. 

With these tips and ideas, choosing the right home office backdrop for video conferences should be much easier, knowing what to include and what to omit.

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