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GoPro cameras have changed the way we look at filming with compact cameras. High-quality video and audio recordings from a camera so small and robust that you can take it with you underwater, as well as on parachuting trips. GoPro technology is evolving so quickly that they can now utilize GoPro voice commands – more on this in a bit.

GoPro cameras are ultimately meant to be used wherever you need a compact and capable device. Every once in a while, your hands might be busy with something else and you might want to operate the camera remotely. This is where GoPro voice commands might come in handy.

Why Use GoPro Voice Commands?

When preparing to film something, you might want to trigger the camera remotely. If a remote is unavailable, select GoPro cameras have voice commands which you can use. It goes without saying that an athlete, for example, a downhill mountain biker would have their hands busy at all times. Using voice commands could help them start or stop a video recording.

Content creators at their studios want to optimize their time spent filming, so using select GoPro voice commands could help speed up the process of filming and working. There is the issue of not all GoPro cameras having voice commands.

Which GoPro Cameras Have Voice Commands?

Not all GoPro cameras have voice commands, even though the company says that the feature has been included since the HERO 5. This is true, but to an extent. Refer to the following list to see whether your camera has voice commands.

Cameras with voice commands:

  • HERO5 Session
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO7 White, Silver and Black
  • HERO8 Black
  • HERO9 Black
  • HERO 2018
  • MAX
  • Fusion
  • Remo

If your camera is not on the list, it does not have GoPro voice commands. You can always double check that by referring to the official list and help articles. Another way to check whether the camera has voice commands is by opening the settings and searching for Voice Control Settings. If such an option does not exist, then the camera does not have one.

GoPro Voice Commands Examples

The cameras that do have voice commands have 16 commands. Some of them have 13, others 16. The common ones will be listed first, the special, devices specific ones, at the end of the list.

GoPro Start Recording

You should use this command to start your recording. It works on all the listed cameras.

GoPro Stop Recording

You can use this command to stop your recording. It also works on all cameras.

GoPro Take a Photo

This command can be used to take photos. Your GoPro cameras are not just camcorders, but can also take photos.

GoPro Shoot Burst

This is a rather specific command which initiates a burst shot. It is recommended to use this manually, triggering a button rather than using voice commands. Burst shots are most often used for high speed photography.

GoPro Start Time Lapse

Time lapse photography is great, and this voice command helps initiate it.

GoPro Stop Time Lapse

If you think that you have enough photos for your time lapse, you should use this command to stop the camera from taking any more.

GoPro Video Mode

This sets the camera to Video Mode.

GoPro Photo Mode

This sets the camera to Photo Mode.

GoPro Time Lapse Mode

This sets the camera to Time Lapse Mode.

GoPro Burst Mode

This sets the camera to its Burst mode.

GoPro HiLight – That Was Sick

Take note that these are two different commands which do the same thing. They both add a HiLight to a certain part of a video. HiLights are used to easily find a specific part of a video which you deem interesting.

GoPro Turn Off

This turns off your GoPro camera.

Specialized GoPro Voice Commands

The following commands are specialized and only the mentioned cameras will be able to use them.

GoPro Turn On

This command turns on the GoPro. It is available on the following devices: HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO8 Black and Remo.

GoPro Start Capture and GoPro Stop Capture

These two GoPro voice commands are used to start or stop capture, depending on the mode you are in, video, photo, time lapse or burst. These are only available on the HERO7 cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if My GoPro has Voice Commands?

This can easily be solved by looking at the list above, or by visiting the official help article. You can also check whether your camera has the Voice Control Settings. If it does, then it does have voice commands.

How Do I Use GoPro Voice Commands?

Voice commands can be used after they are enabled. That can be done from the Voice Control Settings. You can also select different voice command languages there.

Are There Different Languages for GoPro Voice Commands?

GoPro cameras can be controlled with the use of 14 different languages and accents. The following languages are available on all cameras with voice commands.

  • English (UK, US and Australian)
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish (EU and NA)
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

The Remo camera DOES NOT have the following languages, albeit they are available on all the other cameras.

  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

The following language accent is only available on the GoPro HERO7.

  • English (Indian)

Can You Turn On the GoPro with Voice Commands

Only a select number of cameras can be turned on with voice commands, namely the HERO5 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO8 Black and Remo. The voice command for this action is GoPro Turn On.

What is a HiLight? How do You Use HiLights?

A HiLight is a marker for a special moment in a video. You can use HiLights as bookmarks for interesting moments in a video. To see HiLights, you need to sync your videos using the Quik software. The other options are to view them through the GoPro camera itself or by using the mobile GoPro app or Quik for mobile.

HiLights are marked by an orange marker. Refer to the official help article for HiLights if there are any more misunderstandings.

What Happens When Using GoPro Start Recording with Regards to Different Modes?

The GoPro Start Recording command will start your recording in the last mode used. You can change the mode manually or set the default mode. Using other modes is an option but you would have to use specific commands to change to that mode. 

The voice command to start capturing in whichever mode you are in is only available on the HERO7 cameras. The command is GoPro Start Capture. You should change your mode on the HERO7 or use already existing commands, specific for each action, namely Time Lapse, Photo, Video and Burst.

Closing Thoughts and Conclusion

The GoPro line of cameras is versatile and can be used to multiple ends. Content creators on the go, or people looking for a high quality portable camera can find their perfect match with GoPro cameras. 

With voice commands, your GoPro cameras become even more versatile. Voice commands are available in 14 different languages. 

They make using the camera easier, enabling you to start or stop recordings, time lapses, take photos and burst shots, and turn the camera off to save power. Refer to the official GoPro list to see whether your camera supports voice commands if you have any doubts about your device. 

GoPro finish guide.

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