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MKG Media co is a video production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. MKG Media Co. serves businesses and organizations with the primary goal of helping our clients meet their business goals with video. We serve businesses and organizations based in North Carolina as well as national and global organizations.

Our Videos Make a Difference

When crafting your video, we start this process with the end result in mind. Our videos are created to speak to your target audience, engage them, and drive them to take action.

Our passion is creating effective video content to help you meet your goals – whether it is increasing visibility for your brand, growing an audience online, or reaching a specific target audience, we can help you to meet your goals and ultimately make a difference.


We don’t create videos just for the sake of creating videos. We create professional, results-focused videos for our clients to help them meet their business goals. Every video created has a business goal in mind. Otherwise, what would be the point of creating the video?

Outside of our video production services, we can provide guidance around tracking the success of your videos using metrics on various social media platforms. Remember, video and digital marketing is all about testing. There is so much data available at our fingertips, so let’s make the most use of it!

Our Process

Our video creation process includes pre production, production and post production. We value communication with our clients and strive to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Outside of video creation, we also provide consulting services around video marketing to help businesses maximize their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

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Looking for video production in North Carolina? Based in Ralegh, NC, MKG Media Co. provides video production and video marketing consulting services to businesses and organizations. Our goal is to help you leverage the power of video to move the needle and meet your business goals.

We are extremely passionate about creating effective video content for your business and brand. This is our specialty, and we use data to track performance to help drive insight into your video marketing strategy.

When looking for video production in Raleigh, MKG Media Co. is an expert and thought leader in the industry. We have worked with clients across a variety of industries, including education, technology, the trades, retail, and more. We truly cannot wait to create the perfect video for your business!

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Morning Fame – How to use & a complete review

morning fame, youtube video, morning fame youtube tool

Tool Overview

Like many YouTubers, you might be looking for the right tool to help you better plan your video content and improve the performance of your videos. There are many tools that exist to help YouTubers, including TubeBuddy and VidIQ to name a few. This article will provide my review of Morning Fame. This is an invite-only tool designed to provide a better way to review your YouTube analytics while also providing an SEO tool to help you rank in search. I’ve used multiple YouTube video tools and Morning Fame definitely presents YouTube analytics in a different way. I can’t wait to get your thoughts on this platform – let’s get started with this review!

What is Morning Fame?

Morning Fame is a YouTube performance tool that helps users simplify their YouTube video analytics to help them grow on YouTube. Morning Fame does a great job of helping you optimize your videos for YouTube search. This tool also provides recommendations to help you grow your YouTube channel. Morning Fame is different than Tube Buddy and VidIQ in that analytics are displayed in a more user-friendly way instead of simply repeating the analytics that YouTube has already provided.

How does Morning Fame work?

Morning Fame is pretty easy to use. Once you sign up, you will need to grant the tool with access to your YouTube channel so that they are able to pull the metrics.

My favorite Morning Fame Features

Features – Traction

The traction tab analyzes your entire YouTube channel as well as each of your videos. Videos are analyzed based on a few metrics that are considered extremely important for growing your YouTube channel. What I like about this tab is that it breaks down these analytics in a consumable, easy-to-understand way.

The first set of analytics provided to assess your YouTube channel includes whether your channel growth is speeding up or not. This overall assessment is based on the performance of each video that you publish. The goal is to be able to make better videos that ultimately result in a channel that is growing consistently.

The next analytic shows your average views. Next, you will find average view duration. If you are underperforming, you have the option to join a workshop to improve average view duration. You are also provided with a view duration baseline that you should aspire to meet to grow your channel.

Finally, you are provided averages for likes, comments, and subscribers gained as well as whether you are meeting the mark or missing it. Overall, this section of the traction tab provides a great, easy-to-consume overview of how your channel is performing. You are also able to gather insights around how you can improve the content on your channel to grow.

Other highlights

You are able to look at these metrics for all of your videos on one page to get a good idea of what content works for your channel. I really like this feature because it helps me to easily understand what content that I need to be making more of on a regular basis to grow my channel.

This feature also tells you which videos are being shared more often. This is another indicator of what content that you should lean into more often.

You can also sort by average view duration – this metric is absolutely critical for growth on YouTube!

Features – Strategy

In the strategy tab you are able to critique your channel’s performance. This tab provides insights around where your channel stands with views, watch time, engagement and subscribers compared to typical channel performance.

The strategy tab features a section called growth opportunities. This section highlights videos that you should create more of based on how they performed for your channel. This section also highlights the videos that performed very poorly for your channel that you should avoid creating in the future.

The strategy tab also shows how your playlists are performing for metrics like views, view duration and subscribers gained.

The last insight from this section provides feedback around whether your channel is growing or not.

Features – Workshop

The workshop tab portion provides lessons based on areas that you need to improve so that you are able to grow your channel. This is very helpful because unlike other tools out there, Morning Fame provides actionable information all within their platform. You don’t need to go digging on YouTube for an hour to figure out how to improve engagement on your videos.

Features – Velocity

Velocity measures how many views and likes you get in the first hours of the life of your video. The more views and likes you get in the first 72 hours, for example, the higher velocity that particular video has. This metric is extremely important on YouTube. A high-velocity video that gains significant traction as soon as it is published is much more likely to get pushed out through YouTube’s algorithm. This is ultimately what leads to massive channel growth!

Other features

Another really cool aspect is the ability to perform keyword research! You are able to perform keyword research for 24 hours every 12 days. I’m not sure why Morning Fame has created these time parameters, but I did find this interesting. This could be to force users to quickly perform research and take action so that they are able to move the needle on their channel.

How much does this tool cost?

As of right now, the plus plan costs 12.90 a month when paid by the month, or 9.90 a month when paid yearly. The basic plan costs $4.90 a month when paid by the month, or 3.90 a month when paid yearly. When compared to other YouTube video growth tools, Morning Fame is extremely affordable!

Cons of Morning Fame

While I like Morning Fame overall as a tool for growing on YouTube, here are a few cons that I’ve noticed with the tool.

  • One con of Morning Fame involves the time parameters provided for using the keyword research tool. While Morning Fame provides 24 hours every 12 days, sometimes 24 hours isn’t quite enough time to get keyword research done – especially if you are busy.
  • The next con of Morning Fame is that it is invite only. I understand that this helps to promote curiosity and exclusivity. This stipulation does makes it a little more difficult to gain access to Morning Fame. This might not be ideal if someone is really interested in using Morning Fame but cannot figure out how to gain access. Also, if you google ‘Morning Fame access code,’ you will definitely be able to find an invite link. Based on this, the invite only aspect seems pointless.
  • The lack of a competitive analysis feature is a little disappointing. This can be helpful to know what video content is and is not working for your competition.
  • The lack of title and thumbnail analysis is probably the biggest con in my opinion. If you have a poor thumbnail and video title then it will be challenging to gain traction on a video. If people are not interested in the copy or thumbnail on a video, then they will not click on it.

5 Reasons why you should use Morning Fame

Here are a couple of reasons as to why you should use Morning Fame to improve your YouTube videos and channel.

  • This tool provides a way to consume YouTube analytics in a very easy way. YouTube’s analytics can be overwhelming for those that are not used to reviewing these types of insights, and Morning Fame definitely helps with this.
  • In addition to providing easily consumable analytics, Morning Fame goes a step further and delivers tactical suggestions for creating better videos. You are provided with insights and suggestions for implementing these insights into your video strategy.
  • I like that Morning Fame has a keyword research tool built into the platform. This way you are able to perform all of your research and analysis in one easy-to-use platform.
  • The cool thing about this tool is that it is extremely affordable when compared to TubeBuddy and VidIQ. The prices of these tools range anywhere from $7.50 to $415 a month.
  • Morning Fame also highlights the analytics that YouTube cares about when it comes to growing your channel and gaining traction

Is Morning Fame right for you?

In summary, Morning Fame is a YouTube video improvement tool designed to help you grow your channel. This tool is more affordable than others and provides easy-to-understand insights. You are also provided with specific tactics for improving your YouTube videos so that they grow your channel. Outside of this the tool also provides keyword research capability. So, is this tool right for you? Let me know in the comments!


Production Company Names: The Complete Guide

Congratulations – you’ve made the decision to start a video production company! Now you just need to name your company – no big deal! Welcome to the complete guide to video production company names. 

Really, though, naming your production company is a big deal but isn’t at the same time. It is important to create a business name that accurately reflects what you are trying to convey, but at the end of the day, your work and how you do business will speak for itself.

My goal is to make your journey to starting a production company as painless as possible, so I’ve created this guide to choosing your video production company name!

Video production company names: why is it so important?

I mentioned in the previous section why selecting the right name for your production company is and is not important. When I say it is partly unimportant, I mean don’t stress over this part too much. If you are anything like me, you may have spent countless hours trying to figure out your production company name. Trust me, I’ve spent way too much time on this process in the past and have even stressed out over it! I don’t think that is the right way to go about it and definitely want to save you some stress in the process.

Alternatively, selecting a name for your production company is important because this is ultimately how your company will be portrayed to the public. It is important to consider how people may perceive your video production company as well as the potential good or bad connotations that could go with the name that you have selected.

Another tip that I have for you when it comes to production company names or film company names is to give yourself plenty of time. In my previous example I mentioned that I’ve spent hours stressing over coming up with the right name for my production company. If you give yourself plenty of time to do this it will help to reduce a significant amount of stress for you in the long run.

It’s all about the brand

When it comes to coming up with the right name for your video production company, it is so important to think about your brand. I mentioned previously that you should consider how your business name may come across to other people. It is just as important to think about the entire brand of your business when you choose a name.

Consider the following questions:

  • What images does your business name evoke?
  • What will your logo look like?
  • What imagery will go with your brand?
  • What shapes, colors and designs will go with your brand?
  • When people say your business name, what do you want to come behind?
  • What kind of legacy do you want your business and brand to leave behind?

Each of these questions is critical when establishing your business name because this is such a huge aspect of your brand. If you want to learn more about how to build an effective brand, check out this article written by Shopify.

What to avoid when brainstorming video production company names

We’ve reviewed a few key best practices when it comes to branding and I also want to take some time to review what to avoid when brainstorming film company names. Some resources on the internet may suggest doing a competitive analysis when it comes to naming your video production company. I’m usually all for a good competitive analysis, don’t get me wrong – but when you are in the initial brainstorming process, the last thing that you want to do is to limit your creativity with bias. For this reason, I would strongly recommend avoiding competitive analysis prior to the brainstorm stage. This will help to encourage you to create as many names as you can without limiting yourself. If you look at competitor names beforehand, you will have these in mind when brainstorming and this can severely limit your creativity.

Instead, wait to do the competitor research until after you’ve completed the brainstorm stage and selected the final group of business names that have made the cut.

Let’s brainstorm some video production company names!

Ok, now onto the fun part of brainstorming some film company names. Be sure to set aside around two hours to fully brainstorm as many names as you possibly can. Do not limit yourself – be sure to write down anything and everything that comes to mind. What may seem like an ordinary name in your head may actually be the next big film empire.

Here are a couple of methods to aid you in your video production company name brainstorming process. I spent a few hours looking for better ways to brainstorm business names when I was starting out, so I hope that these tips help you!

The first thing to consider when brainstorming film company names seems pretty simple, but it isn’t always obvious! Consider incorporating your name into your business name somehow. If my last name weren’t so difficult to pronounce, I’d definitely go this route. This way you are building a brand based on what you bring to the table while also building your personal brand.

The next method is to incorporate an acronym into your business name. For example, you may want to create a business name using your initials. You could also put a few words together and instead of using those exact words for your business name, use an acronym. I’ve also thought about using this method because acronym-based business names typically come across pretty strong.

The next idea for creating your business name is to create a name that is based on two or more words. For example, if you really like the words “pink flower,” you could turn this into something like pinflo, inkflower, or pinker. While this isn’t the best or most realistic example, I hope you see what I mean! You can create a really unique and memorable business name this way.

Another idea is to craft your business name based on your location.This is a great idea if you know that you will be based in one location for a long amount of time. Another reason why this might be a good idea is because business names that are based on a location seem to provide a sense of pride for those working with your company in that particular location. This also helps to further establish yourself as a thought leader within the area that you live. 

One reason why naming your business after a location might not be a good idea is if you plan to move sometime in the future. Even if you don’t plan to move it is important to consider whether or not you want to include a location in your business name because if you do this you will always be associated with a particular location. I actually named my business after the city that I live in and it definitely has its pros and cons.

Another idea for brainstorming video production company business names has to do with themes. Themes are interesting because this can help to conjure certain imagery when people think about your business. One example of when a theme might be appropriate for your business name is if you live by the coast. If you live on the coast, then you have the ability to really incorporate different nautical themes within your business name, such as the beach, ships, and really anything to do with the sea. One drawback for using themes when it comes to your business name is that sometimes it might not come across as professional and ultimately could limit how your business is seen in the eyes of others. For example, if you have a business that is called Coastal Creations Film Company, people might assume that you only do beach weddings or that you only work on the coast. This is kind of the same situation if you were to name your business after a city.

Something else to consider when you are brainstorming video production company names is to consider your why or your purpose for creating this business.

 Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why am I creating a video production company?
  • Who am I helping with my videos?
  • What value am I actually providing with my videos?
  • What impact am I making with my videos?
  • Why does the world need another video production company?
  • How am I different from other video production companies that already exist?

Okay, so you get the picture. The point here is to really understand your why or your purpose and once you do that you might have an easier time when it comes to brainstorming video production names. I recommend answering the questions that are listed above and then sort through the resulting words and responses to potentially incorporate into a business name .

Something else to consider when brainstorming video production company names is your industry or niche. If you know in advance that you will only be serving certain industries or niches then you might want to name your company after something within the industry or Niche in which you are working.  For example, if your video production company specifically serves the law industry, then you might want to incorporate  law into your business name. You could use something like fun law videos ( okay probably not the best example – pretty lame, I know).

Outside of your industry or niche, something else that you might want to consider when brainstorming video production business names would be the target audience that you would like to work with in your business. Most Industries have some sort of jargon so it might be helpful to consider this when naming your business. For example, if you create videos for the outdoors industry think about the different outdoor terms / jargon that you could incorporate into your business name 

The reason why incorporating industry jargon into your video production business name is a good idea is because this will ultimately help to attract a target audience that you want to work with. If you incorporate something that has to do with the outdoors industry into your business name, then this will likely attract a lot more outdoors companies than it would law firms, for example.

Mind Maps

The next method that I have for you when it comes to brainstorming video production business names is to use a mind map. A mind map is the process of taking one concept and then brainstorming sub concepts for that concept and so on and so forth. Check out this website to learn more about how to do the mind map exercise. The reason why the mind map exercise is so effective for brainstorming video production company names is because it helps you to get extremely granular when you are brainstorming. This process helps you to come up with names that you may not have otherwise thought of because you weren’t being specific enough.

Next Steps

Once you have generated a large list of potential production company names, it is important to then create a shorter list based on what you’ve already written down. One way to do this is to go through the larger list and simply cross out the possible business names that do not sound good to you or do not resonate with you. Once you have created a short list of possible business names, it is important to check to see if the names that you have identified are available when it comes to purchasing website domains and creating social media handles.  After you’ve done this, it is also a good idea to get feedback from friends, family and business partners. This is important because someone else might perceive that business name much differently than how you initially thought of it. Think of this as a checkpoint when it comes to creating a business name that will resonate not only with you but also potential clients. You want to ensure that the business name that you come up with is not offensive in any way, so this checkpoint is one way to double check. 

I hope that this guide has helped you when it comes to brainstorming possible video production company names. As I have referenced before, when I was trying to come up with a name for my video production company, I honestly racked my mind for hours and hours. This was a pretty stressful process for me and I don’t think that it needed to be. I hope that these ideas will help you to come up with a video production name that truly represents a company that you would like to build as well as the brand that you would like to convey to your potential clients. If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave your comment down below.

Talk soon,



Does an MBA help with entrepreneurship?

Today’s episode is all about how to navigate your passion for entrepreneurship while pursuing an MBA! I interviewed Mike Vaggalis on his experiences pivoting to marketing and entrepreneurship while in an MBA program. We also discuss the benefits of an entrepreneurship curriculum when working for others as well as advice when it comes to navigating the entrepreneurial world.

Listen to the episode here.

Learn more about Mike’s business, Keepsake Tales:

Keepsake Tales exists because we believe that every child is one of a kind and has intrinsic value. We are building the most personalized children’s books in the world so that we can show every child that they do matter. Our illustration process begins with a picture of the child, which we turn into an illustration that matches the story so that every child will see themselves as the champion of their very own story. 


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VidIQ vs TubeBuddy 2020 | A Full Comparison!

VidIQ and TubeBuddy are two of the most popular YouTube management tools that help creators and businesses in growing their YouTube presence. Below, we will compare VidIQ vs TubeBuddy to help you find out which one you should use for your YouTube channel.

Every minute, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube. With so much video content on the platform, quality content is usually not enough to attract and keep viewers.

No matter how beautifully produced your video content is, it will be a waste of your time, money, and energy if you don’t have a plan to make sure they are viewed by the audience you want to reach. This is where VidIQ and TubeBuddy come in. Keep reading for a full VidIQ vs TubeBuddy overview.

Why YouTubers Need VidIQ and TubeBuddy

To get viewers, you need to make sure that your videos can easily be searched by your target audience. You need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your videos rank higher in the search results page.

SEO includes decisions made before uploading a video, such as using the right keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos, choosing the right tags, and creating a thumbnail that will get people to click on your video.

What you do or get after uploading also affects the searchability of a video. For example, the number of comments, shares, and new subscribers that a video gets have all been proven to be correlated with higher rankings.

Whether you are still in the early stages of your YouTube journey, or already have an established channel with multiple videos, channel management toolkits like VidIQ and TubeBuddy can help save a lot of your time and energy.

How can VidIQ and TubeBuddy help you exactly? Let’s explore each of them in detail in this VidIQ vs TubeBuddy overview.

Overview of VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

Both VidIQ and TubeBuddy have free and paid versions that can help in publishing and promoting your videos.

Weekends are also a popular time on YouTube, with Fridays and Saturdays as the best days of the week for engagement, while Sunday is also an ideal day to upload a video.


VidIQ is a YouTube-certified channel management tool that offers live statistics, competitor scorecards, and keyword research features that can help you boost your videos. You can download it for free as a Chrome or a Firefox extension.

VidIQ also offers paid versions that come with more powerful features as the price increases. Their Pro plan starts at $7.50 per month, which allows you to track more competitors and see how your videos are being shared on social media.

Their Boost plan starts at $39/month, which allows you to utilize VidIQ for up to 5 channels, track 20 competitors, and obtain recommendations for titles and descriptions that you should use for your videos.

Their most expensive plan, Boost+, starts at $415 per month and allows you to have regular personal coaching, in-depth analysis of your video statistics, and priority access to their customer support.


TubeBuddy is another tool that can help you more easily publish your YouTube videos, increase your views, and get more engagement on your channel. It is available as a free extension for Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as a mobile app.

Just like VidIQ, TubeBuddy offers paid plans that expand on features as the price goes up. Their paid options start with the Pro plan, which costs $9 each month ($7.50 per month if billed annually), and $4.50 per month if your channel has less than 1,000 subscribers. With the Pro plan, you gain access to their Thumbnail Generator, card and end screen templates, and their SEO studio.

Their Star plan costs $19 per month, which gives you access to all the tools that the Pro plan offers, plus advanced scheduling tools, the ability to update your videos in bulk, and the ability to schedule to hide videos at a future time.

The Legend plan is their priciest one, which costs $49 per month. With the Legend plan, you get everything that the Star plan offers, plus auto-translation tools, in-depth competitor research and analysis, and the ability to conduct A/B video testing.

The best tool and plan for you depends on your budget, your personal or business goals, and your own YouTube process. To help you determine the best plan and tool, below we will compare VidIQ vs TubeBuddy in terms of their respective free versions, then we will break down the features included in each of their paid plans, and then finally highlight the main similarities and differences between these two tools.

Comparing the FREE Versions: VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

VidIQ – Free Version

You can download VidIQ for free by installing the extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The free version allows you to use VidIQ for only one YouTube channel.

Keyword Engine

One of the most useful features of the free version of VidIQ is the keyword research tool. This allows you to see the leading channels for a certain search term, as well as the number of average views and average subscribers associated to the search term. It also allows you to see how effective the keywords would be when used in a video title or description.

VidIQ will let give you a “search volume” score, which lets you know how popular a search term is, plus a “competition” score, which tells you whether there’s already high competition for those words. It will give you an overall keyword score, ranging from high to low, to help you predict how effective a keyword would be for your videos.

For example, the keywords “digital marketing” gave me the following score:

Competitor Tracking

The free version of VidIQ also allows you to track your competitors. You can add up to 3 channels to monitor. With VidIQ’s competitor tracking, you can easily see what your competitors are uploading, the keywords they are using, and the views they are getting.

VidIQ Academy

VidIQ Academy offers helpful online courses that can help you make the most out of your YouTube career. From beginner courses like finding the right equipment for your videos, to more advanced courses like how to make money from YouTube, VidIQ Academy can provide you with the right skillset to launch your YouTube career.

Quick and Live Stats

With the free version of VidIQ, you will be able to see quick, live statistics such as like ratio on a video, average hours your videos have been watched, and the number of views you received within the last hour.


TubeBuddy – Free Version

TubeBuddy’s free version comes with limited but still helpful features to help with your YouTube workflow.

Upload Checklist

Uploading a video involves multiple steps, including choosing an effective title, adding a description, creating a personalized thumbnail, and adding info cards. With TubeBuddy’s free version, you will get an upload checklist so you can make sure that you are doing everything that you need to do to maximize the potential of your video.


Videolytics allows you see a quick snapshot of insights on any YouTube video. Aside from showing you how a video is performing in terms of views, comments, and likes, it also lets you know how the video is being shared across social media platforms and what else could be done to boost the SEO ranking of that video.  It also allows you to compare any video on YouTube with any video in your channel, which can help you outperform competitors.

Thumbnail Generator

With TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator, you don’t have to open a photo editing software to create and customize your thumbnails. It will allow you to add a text, an image, a shape, and an emoji right from TubeBuddy’s dashboard. The paid versions let you customize your thumbnails as much as you want, while the free version only allows you to add one custom image and does not allow you to create a thumbnail template.

COPPA Center

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) are a set of regulations that websites and other online platforms must follow in order to protect the privacy of children under the age of 13.

To respect COPPA, YouTube requires that any video that are directed to children must be marked as “Made for Kids”. TubeBuddy’s COPPA Center can help you ensure that your videos are within COPPA’s guidelines. It can also help you compare which videos have been rated by YouTube as Made for Kids, but you overrode as Not Made for Kids.

Picking Contest Winners

If you are running a contest on your channel and you need to pick a random winner, TubeBuddy can randomly select a winner for you. With this feature, TubeBudy will scan all the comments on a video, or only comments containing specific words, and randomly select a commenter based on the parameters you have chosen. This feature also allows you to access the social media accounts of this random winner.

Comparing the PREMIUM Versions: VidIQ vs TubeBuddy

VidIQ – PREMIUM Version

Keyword Research Tool

While the free version of VidIQ has a helpful keyword engine, the paid versions allow you to dive more deeply into the different possible keywords you can use for your videos. Aside from telling you the search volume and the level of competition for a certain search term, VidIQ’s keyword research tool will also provide you with a list of top search queries that are related to the terms you entered.

If you enable the Inline Tags feature, you will also be able to see the tags that are being used by any video. You can use this feature to see what keyword phrases the top videos are using in their tags. This will give you an idea of potential keywords that can boost the search ranking of your own videos.

Best Time to Post

VidIQ’s ‘Best Time to Publish’ feature will allow you to see the times of the day that you get most viewer traffic.

You will see a bar graph that shows how your views change over time in 3-hour windows. You can use this information to upload a video just right before the peak time for your viewer traffic. Check out this article to learn more about the best time to upload to YouTube.

Source: VidIQ Blog

Productivity Features

VidIQ has a ton of productivity tools that can help you save time in managing multiple videos. Some productivity features are:

Bulk YouTube Cards / End Screens: You know the interactive links that appear on the top right corner of the screen in the middle of a video, or the recommended clickable videos that appear right at the end of a video? Those are called YouTube cards.

You can use YouTube cards to promote a video, promote your channel, or direct your viewers to another website. VidIQ offers a feature that allows you to process and edit YouTube cards and end screens in bulk so you don’t have to change them for every single video. This is helpful when you are running a campaign and want to extensively promote a product or a link across all of your videos, or when you want to draw attention to a particular video for people who may come across your old videos for the first time.

Comment Templates: VidIQ also offers a comment productivity tool that allows you to reply to comments much faster. This can save you a lot of time especially if you get the same comments in every video. Instead of typing out your answers for every single comment, you only have to enter them once through VidIQ’s Comment Templates feature to reply.

Video Impact and Engagement

VidIQ allows you to sort the comments on your videos in a number of ways: those that have replies, those that don’t, and those that contain questions. You can also filter out profanities, or comments that contain certain words. This allows you to closely monitor the quality of conversations generated by your videos. You can use this information to come up with video ideas, or to think of products and services that cater to your audience.

VidIQ also allows you to see the number of subscribers each of your commenter has, as well as any tweets that mention your video. This can help you find influencers that have engaged with your videos. If done correctly, you can build a relationship with these influencers to further amplify the reach of your videos. 

TubeBuddy – PREMIUM Version

Mobile App

TubeBudy has a mobile app, but the tools included in the free version are limited. The paid versions give you access to a wider range of features, including the ability to view your live subscriber count, filter your comments, send automatic responses, and access trending alerts while on the go.

The paid versions automatically give you full access to the mobile app, but you can also purchase access to the mobile app separately for only $2.99 each month.

Productivity Tools

Card / End Screen Templates: Like VidIQ, you can also create a card template with TubeBuddy’s paid versions so you can easily apply the same set of cards on all new uploads, instead of creating a separate card repeatedly every single upload.

Bulk Processing: TubeBuddy’s Star and Legend versions allow you to process multiple videos at once. The bulk processing tools allow you to copy or update cards, end screens, thumbnails, and playlists in bulk so you don’t have to go through every single video to make a small update.

Sunset Videos: This tool allows you to hide or delete a video at a future date and time. This is helpful for when you are launching a seasonal campaign that has an end date, or when you have a video that will completely be obsolete after a certain date.

Video A/B Tests

If you want to test out certain thumbnails, titles, description, or tags and see what works best for a video, TubeBuddy’s Legend plan allows you to conduct split testing.

This tool will allow you to use two thumbnails for the same video. These two thumbnails will be randomly distributed to two equally sized groups of users. One thumbnail will be seen by 50% of users, while the other thumbnail is what the other 50% of users will see when they come across your video. 

TubeBuddy will then give you data as to which thumbnail generates more click-through-rate (the percentage of people who have found your video on the search results page, their home feed, or their recommended videos and clicked on it and watched it). This can help you design better thumbnails that can get more people to watch your videos.

You can also conduct a split test with different titles, tags, and description, although TubeBuddy recommends that you do it sparingly and only for older videos.

Analytics and Competitor Research

Tubebuddy’s premium versions will give you a health report on your channel, allowing you to discover what’s working and what isn’t in your channel. It will also give you an overview of your audience demographics and the top traffic sources for your channel.

The Legend Plan specifically offers a Competitor Scorecard that will help you stay on top of your competitors’ performance and activities. You can generate a printable report that shows key information like views, subscribers, number and time of uploads, and engagement over time for you and your competition.

The Legend Plan also has a feature that allows you to also receive notifications when your competitors upload a new video.

VidIQ vs TubeBuddy: Main Similarities

Now that we have seen the features in this VidIQ vs TubeBuddy comparison, both offer, we can list their biggest similarities between them:

Available as Chrome and Firefox extensions: Both VidIQ and TubeBuddy can be downloaded as extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Keyword management tools: Both have keyword management tools to help you see how popular a certain search term is, and whether there’s already too many videos that use those keywords.

Group processing: The premium versions of both VidIQ and TubeBuddy allow you to process and update multiple videos in bulk, which can save you a lot of time if you need to update multiple videos at once.

VidIQ vs TubeBuddy: Main Differences

Although they do share some similarities, VidIQ and TubeBuddy differ in:

Price: TubeBuddy’s pricing structure is more straightforward and more transparent. With yearly billing, TubeBuddy’s paid plans start at $7.20 per month, which is almost the same as VidIQ’s least expensive plan, which starts at $7.50 per month.

Unike VidIQ, however, TubeBuddy’s pricing gives you details on the features that come with your plan, making it much easier to understand what you are paying for.

Availability and Accessibility: VidIQ is only available as a Chrome or Firefox extensions, while TubeBuddy is available on more browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer. TubeBuddy also has a mobile app while VidIQ does not.

Interface: VidIQ’s interface is cleaner and takes less space than TubeBuddy. All you have to do is click on the VidIQ extension icon and the full menu will show up on the top right corner of your screen.

RECAP: Which one is Best for You?

Identifying whether VidIQ or TubeBuddy is a better solution for you will depend on your budget and needs. So instead of giving a general recommendation, our recommendation will be based on different potential goals:

Pick VidIQ if:

  • You want a clean interface that doesn’t take a lot of your screen.
  • You want a free version that can help you in using the right tags, and you have Chrome or Firefox downloaded.
  • You want to see live, quick stats right beside a YouTube video, including like ratios and the number of subscribers each commenter has.
  • You learn best by taking structured online courses (through VidIQ Academy)

Pick TubeBuddy if:

  • It is important that you manage your videos and analytics via a mobile app.
  • Your default browser is Safari or Internet Explorer.
  • You want to conduct video A/B testing.
  • Your account is under 1000 subscribers and you want to try a premium version. (TubeBuddy’s Pro Plan starts at $4.50 per month for channels with less than 1000 subscribers)
  • You like learning from other YouTubers or users (through TubeBuddy’s Community Forum).

VidIQ and TubeBuddy are two channel management software that can help you grow your YouTube channels. Social Blade, Tubular Labs, and Cyfe are other alternatives to VidIQ and TubeBuddy that are worth checking out if you find that VidIQ and TubeBuddy do not answer your needs.

If, after reading this you are still undecided, the best approach is to sign up for each of the tools’ 30-day free trial to see if you can benefit from their features. You can sign up for VidIQ’s 30-day free trial here, and for TubeBuddy’s free trial here.


When is the Best Time to Upload on YouTube?

If you are looking to discover the best time to upload on YouTube, you’ve come to the right place! Founded in 2005, YouTube continues to be one of the biggest social media platforms today. Two billion people log in to YouTube every month, with each visitor watching an average of 11 minutes of content on it every day.

With 60% of people preferring online video platforms over live TV, having a YouTube channel is becoming a necessary marketing tactic for more and more businesses.  Latest estimates show that 62% of businesses now share content on YouTube.

But simply posting videos on YouTube does not mean you will reach more people. There are many things to consider to make sure that your YouTube videos are seen by the people that you want to reach. The time that you post your videos is one of those things.

So, you may be asking yourself: “when is the best time to upload to YouTube?” Let’s look at the different ways you can figure out the best time to upload on YouTube.

What Do YouTube Numbers Tell Us?

Reports show that there are specific hours of the day and days of the week where people are most active on YouTube. Here is a rundown:

The Most Popular Days

YouTube usage statistics show that the highest level of viewership happens during weekdays. Out of all the days of the week, Thursday and Friday are considered the best days to upload on YouTube. This lines up well with the end of the week, as most YouTube users are children, teenagers, or young adults. The end of the week usually means they have more time to be online.

Weekends are also a popular time on YouTube, with Fridays and Saturdays as the best days of the week for engagement, while Sunday is also an ideal day to upload a video.

The Most Popular Hours

On the weekends, mornings are usually the best time to upload to YouTube. If you post between 9 A.M. and 12 P.M. Eastern Time on Saturday and Sunday, you increase your chances of getting many views right away. On the weekdays, afternoons between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. are the ideal times to post.

The Most Popular Months and Seasons in a Year

If you are not yet at a point where you can post videos weekly or multiple times per month, you can publish your videos during the busiest months or season of the year. Marketers generally agree that the holiday season is usually the best time to publish videos. People typically share video content during that time more than the other times of the year.

Some suggest avoiding the months of May to September when posting content. This is because this is the time when most people are outside enjoying the summer weather.

Knowing Your Viewers is Key

If your channel is still new, the statistics mentioned above can be a useful starting guide to help you find the best time to upload on YouTube. But these numbers mean nothing if you don’t understand your audience. Check out these video ideas to rank on YouTube.

For instance, if you plan on uploading news-type videos, then uploading them on weekday mornings before 8 A.M. instead of afternoons may get you more views because that’s when mobile users typically consume news.

Or maybe most of your audience do not even live in North America. This would mean the time zones suggested above may not reflect their typical watching behavior.

The key here is: know your audience! How do you know who your audience is? The next section should help.

Get to Know Your Audience Better Using YouTube Studio

Did you know that you can see the demographic profiles and analyze the behavior of your viewers through your own YouTube account? YouTube has a feature called YouTube Studio, which gives you important insights that can help you grow your channel. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to figure out the best time to upload on YouTube using the Analytics feature on your account:

  1.  Go to YouTube Studio

Type in and log in to your Youtube account.

On the right side of the page, you will see the menu options: Dashboard, Videos, Playlists, Analytics, Comments, Subtitles, Monetization, and Audio Library.

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Go to Analytics. You should see an overview of how many views you had within a certain timeframe, the number of new subscribers you have, and the average watch time of your videos.

Youtube channel analytics
best time to upload to youtube

If you click on the Audience tab at the top of the page, you can see more detailed statistics about your audience. 

  • Find your most popular day of the week

The first thing you will see on the Audience page is a chart that shows how your number of views have gone up or down over a period of time. You can specify the timeframe that you want to look at on the upper-right corner of the page.

YouTube audience analytics for a YouTube channel
best time to upload to youtube

From this chart, you can see the days on which you get most views. Simply hover over the high points of the purple line and you should see the most popular date and days for your videos. Take note of these days and see if there are days on which you consistently get more views than others.

  • Identify where your viewers are from

YouTube Studio also allows you to see where your videos are most popular. In the Audience tab, scroll down to the section where it says “Top Countries.” It should give you a list of the countries from which your videos get the most views. 

Top countries listed for YouTube analytics
best time to upload to youtube

If you click “see more,” it will give you a more detailed chart showing the changes in the number of views over time in each top country. You can use this information to know what time zone you should be following for your upload schedule.

  • Know the age of your viewers

Knowing the age of your viewers can also help you find the best time to upload on YouTube. Late night may be a good time to upload if your primary audience are teenagers and young adults, but not so much if most of your viewers are in the older end of the population. Use the age information provided by YouTube Studio to help you better predict the behavior of your viewers.

To do this, simply scroll down the Audience tab until you see a section that says “Age and Gender.” It will show you the percentage of your viewers that are from a certain age group.

Age and gender listed from YouTube analytics
best time to upload to youtube

Your Prime Time vs. The Best Time to Upload on YouTube

The statistics and metrics we’ve looked at so far should help you know when the general YouTube audience and your own viewers are typically active on YouTube. Use these numbers to determine the “prime time” for views in your channel.

But your YouTube prime time is NOT the same as the best time to upload a video on your channel. Your prime time is when you get the most views on your videos. If you upload during your prime time, you risk losing views because by the time your video is published, your viewers will likely have already been offline.

That’s why the best time to upload on YouTube is 2-3 hours earlier than your prime time. This ensures that your video has been indexed by YouTube by the time your viewers are online. Indexing is YouTube’s way of making your videos rank higher on the search results page.

How Should You Use YouTube Analytics?

While YouTube statistics and analytics are great, they do not tell the whole story. The key is to combine the YouTube Studio analytics with your own understanding of your channel, brand, and other contexts.

If the video is a part of a bigger social media campaign, for instance, then knowing the best time to upload on YouTube is not enough. You will also need to find the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels. This will help you to coordinate the launch of your campaign.

Does It Really Matter When You Upload Your Videos?

The short answer: yes.

As mentioned, uploading your video a few hours before your viewers get on YouTube can help make it more visible in search results and in your subscribers’ home feed. The more people that see your YouTube video, the higher you will rank in the search results page. That’s why the number of views that you get within the first few hours of upload is crucial.

Time of upload can also help manage your subscribers’ expectations. Uploading consistently on a certain day each week or month will show your subscribers when to expect your video. Aside from increasing your views, having a consistent upload schedule has been proven to be an effective way to keep your viewers engaged

The long answer

Time of upload is only one way to get more views. There are other factors that can make your videos more visible to a wider audience. Your thumbnail, the keywords that you use, and the tags that you choose all affect the searchability of your videos. Closed captioning your videos or adding a transcript can also significantly help the SEO of your videos.

What’s the best time to upload a YouTube video?

The best time to upload on YouTube varies from channel to channel. The key is to rely both on quantitative and qualitative contexts to find the perfect time for your audience. When done right, it can widen your reach and, if you are monetizing your videos, your ad sense earnings. Check out this article for tips and tools to maximize your success on YouTube this year.

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7 habits of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate – from growing companies and maintaining strict schedules to get it done all while dealing with the ordinary challenges of life! That being said, to be a successful entrepreneur, it is really important to form good habits so that you can meet your goals. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart, but you can do it with the right habits in place to encourage your success!

Here are 7 habits of successful entrepreneurs, brought to you from my own personal experience!

  • Plan your week ahead of time
    • To make the most of your time, planning your week ahead of time is a great habit to start! This will ensure that as soon as your Monday kicks off, you know exactly what you need to do. You can also block off each hour of the day using a tool like Google Calendar! This will ensure that each hour of your day is being spent wisely.
  • Get enough sleep
    • This might seem pretty obvious, but when you are busy trying to grow a business, getting enough sleep can be very difficult! You should set a cut off time each night for when you go to bed. In the moment it will be difficult to cut yourself off, but when you wake up the next day refreshed, you will thank yourself!
  • Stay focused and limit distractions
    • When you have your time blocked off throughout the day, it is very important to work in an environment that isn’t distracting. Be sure to find a place where your distractions will be limited. You could work in a library or in a room that has no TV. 
  • Be selective of your friend group
    • It is very important to be cautious of who you spend your time with. If you are a busy entrepreneur, you won’t have time to be around people who aren’t supportive of your endeavors. Be sure to consider who you spend time with to make sure they are a good fit for your lifestyle and goals!
  • Re-evaluate your successes and failures
    • After you complete your next project, regardless of whether it was a success or failure, set aside some time to re-evaluate. If it was successful – why? If it was a failure – why? It is important to understand this so that you can do more of what promotes your success in the future.
  • Have a strategy and follow it
    • If you are an entrepreneur, you know all about what it takes to meet a goal. It is really important to make a habit out of following your strategies. Be sure to outline a strategy, craft goals and deadlines, and stick to it. It is ok to be agile and make adjustments, but if you don’t stick to what you outline, you won’t get anything done.
  • Learn how to say no
    • As an entrepreneur, you might be tempted to do anything and everything when it comes to getting exposure for your business. If this is the case, it is critical to assess the different opportunities that come your way to ensure that they align with your business goals. If they don’t, you will stretch yourself too thin, fail to get enough rest and could potentially get sick. As an entrepreneur you likely already have enough on your plate, so be cautious and learn how to say no.


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When I’m not writing for the blog, I am spending my time in class as a second year MBA student, dashing from meeting to meeting, working on my business or hanging out in the gym.

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