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How to Upload iMovie to YouTube: Tutorial

In today’s world, many people use the internet, and specifically YouTube, to share their experiences with the world. People have gone from uploading from their computers to uploading videos directly from their phones. Many people use Apple products, like Mac computers and laptops, not to mention iPhones. Apple includes a video editor called iMovie, which is an essential tool for editing and sharing videos on Apple devices. This article will show you how to upload imovie to youtube. With this tutorial, everyone should have all the necessary knowledge about video sharing with iMovie.

Step 1: How to Upload iMovie to YouTube Using a Smartphone

If you do not have a project open, you should choose a movie from the Projects browser. If you are editing a project, you should tap the button Done, thus returning to the project details screen. From there, you can select a video of your choosing, and then tap the Share button.

It is worth noting that you can customize the video’s size output, format, quality and description, including tags, within the app itself.

How to Upload iMovie to YouTube Using Desktop Computers

The software has marginal differences between mobile and desktop versions, the main one being that on the desktop, you have a larger workspace which can make things simpler from a practical standpoint, when it comes to editing.

The sharing process is similar to the mobile version, starting from choosing a project from the browser or finishing a project which you are editing, then clicking the Share button.

Step 2: Select the Video Output Options

You should choose from the various output options in order to create the perfect video for uploading. Many things can influence this, such as resolution, quality, framerate, compression and whether you are exporting only video or audio or both.

The first option you can choose is the Format, which gives you options of audio, video or both. In most cases, you will want both.

Under the Resolution option, which is the next in line, you can choose your video’s desired resolution and framerate. Both are important and influence the quality and size of the video. If more than half of your project’s timeline is in 60fps, you can choose that framerate for the entire project. Depending on who your audience is, you should choose your resolution accordingly (mobile versus desktop users, the latter often having better hardware and higher resolution monitors).

The next option is named Quality, where you can choose the following qualities: Low, Medium, High and Best (ProRes) and Custom. The lower two qualities are not the best if you want your video to look good. Either High or Best will do well on most devices, but will increase the file size. Custom gives you the option to move a slider left or right, giving you anywhere between Medium and a bit above High. The ProRes variant produces much larger file sizes, up to 5 times, though the quality does not match the size.

Choosing Custom and sliding all the way to the right produces the best quality videos for the size.

The last option is Compress, giving you two options, the default Faster and the other, Better Quality. There is little to no difference in file sizes between the two, the difference being in export/rendering time.

Step 3: Importing the Video to YouTube

One of the easiest parts of the tutorial is this one, where you learn how to upload iMovie to YouTube. Depending on which device you are using, mobile or desktop, select the desired video from the Projects browser or click/tap Done to finish your project, then proceed to select Share from the File drop down menu.

Share gives you many options like Email, Facebook, Vimeo, Theater, iTunes, Image, File and YouTube, the one you want to click/tap.

Step 4: Customizing Titles and Tags

Once you click on YouTube, you will get a very similar window as you would if you click File. They are mostly the same, except that the YouTube window has a Sign In… button in the lower left. You should sign in with your preferred Google account, the one linked to your YouTube channel (it goes without saying that you need to have a Google account for this to work).

The first two options on the main window are Title and Description. The title is displayed in a large font while Description is the same size as the other options in the window.

Choose the appropriate title and description for your video.

The next option, a very important one, is Tags. Tags are used to link to your video when someone searches for something. You can enter tags as you like, but make sure to separate them with commas, lest you end up with a chain of words that would be an unusable, extremely large word. Your chosen tags should be related to the audience and category of your video, as well as the topic.

Step 5: Selecting a Category

The next step on your journey learning how to upload iMovie to YouTube is to click/tap on the Category drop down menu. There are different categories to choose from and what you need to do, is select the right one, matching your video’s topic the best you can. Have no fear, however, because you can edit this afterwards, from either the YouTube application, or the website, depending on whether you are using an iPhone or a Mac.

Step 6: Video Size & Privacy

From the main window, you also have the option to once again adjust the video’s resolution and framerate, once again influencing the size of the video. This is discouraged, unless you are on a data connection and want to upload the video wasing as little data as possible.

When you are first exporting your video, you should consider the file size and resolution then, changing only in dire circumstances. Changing the resolution will affect the video’s quality, especially if you lower it.

The Privacy settings are next in line and from the menu, you can select the three settings YouTube offers, Public, Private and Unlisted, Private being the default one and the recommended one.

If you need to make more adjustments to your video, you can do it later from the YouTube app or site, which is why Private is recommended. This concludes the guide on how to upload iMovie to YouTube, leaving only potential difficulties and frequently asked questions.

Potential Problems When UPloading iMovie to YouTube

What can happen, will happen, meaning that from time to time, you may run into problems on your journey learning how to upload iMovie to YouTube.

  • The process can fail at multiple stages, the first being no storage for your project/video. In that case, adjust the video’s size or consider freeing up some space on your device. Note that this is unlikely to happen on desktop Macs.
  • Secondly, you may lose your connection, failing the upload. Find a stable internet connection or check with your ISP if you are having problems. If you are using data, find a better location where you have faster data speeds.
  • Not signing in can be a problem, or rather, an inconvenience, especially if you forgot your address or password.
  • If your video is not live, then that might be due to YouTube still processing it, which can take lots of time if it is a high quality video with a large file size and bitrate.

F.A.Q. When Uploading iMovie to YouTube

How to Upload iMovie to YouTube

If your project is incomplete, first you must press Done and export it to a File for the best quality settings. Then, clicking Share and YouTube, and afterwards filling in all the necessary details about the video, as well as signing in, and finally, sharing, completes the process.

Is There a Choice of File Formats

There is a choice of file formats, but it is under another option, Save File As, rather than Share/File, which you would normally use if you simply want to prepare your project for YouTube.

Is iMovie Limited to Apple Devices Only?

Yes, iMovie is only available for Apple products, desktop, laptop and mobile phones/tablets.

Can This Application be Used by Professionals?

While a professional could make a relatively decent video in iMovie, other professional tools would give them far more options. iMovie is a hassle-free way of making videos and trailers meant for entry level to lower intermediate editors, mostly on the go.

Can You Share Directly to Other Platforms?

After learning how to upload iMovie to YouTube, you can apply the same principles for other video sharing services, with some exceptions like having an account for the said services, plus or minus a couple options for each service.

Conclusion and Closing Thoughts:

In the end, all that is left for you to do, if you have been closely following this simple guide on how to upload iMovie to YouTube is to try it for yourself with a sample project.

While using iMovie is not a huge challenge, honing your skills prior to travel is recommended. If you happen to need them later, you can simply edit and upload a video to YouTube, hopefully while on an adventure somewhere.

If you are interested in learning more about YouTube, check out this review of the Morning Fame YouTube tool.

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YouTube Tips & Tools for success in 2020

Whether you have a YouTube channel or are about to start one, this article around YouTube tips & tools can provide some useful tools for your YouTube channel! This is a great article full of YouTube tips for beginners, YouTube tips & hacks, and YouTube tips around views. If you need some YouTube tips for 2020, click over to the article!

Whether you have a YouTube channel or are about to start one, this article around YouTube tips & tools can provide some useful tools for your YouTube channel! This is a great article full of YouTube tips for beginners, YouTube tips & hacks, and YouTube tips around views. If you need some YouTube tips for 2020, click over to the article!

The following tools are some of my favorites to use when it comes to optimizing my YouTube videos! It is all about finding keywords that have a high search volume and low competition. I believe the tools listed below have helped me significantly in this process!

Ok, let’s get started!

  • Keywords everywhere
    • This tool provides accurate search volume for the keywords you are looking for when typing them in on YouTube. You can also use this tool on other websites like google, for example. It can be difficult to know what the actual search volume is for a keyword without this tool, so it is pretty important.
  • TubeBuddy
    • This tool is extremely important for figuring out if you have a chance to rank for the keywords that you have selected. I strongly recommend this tool, because without it, it will be difficult to know if you can actually rank for a KeyWord. I think that this is probably the best YouTube tool currently on the market. Sign up here.
  • VidIQ
    • VidIQ is a tool similar to TubeBuddy that helps you to optimize your video, providing key metrics around how your videos are found, keyword options and more. Definitely check this tool out because it is very helpful.
  • MorningFame
    • Morning Fame is an option that makes sense of the YouTube analytics so that you are making informed decisions with your topic research. This is definitely a tool that is worthwhile to check out! –
    • Rev is a tool that allows you to transcribe your videos. This is helpful because it adds additional SEO benefits to your video and optimizes your videos for certain keywords.
    • Fiverr is a great resource if you need help with different aspects of your YouTube channel, such as video editing, description creation and thumbnail creation. I would definitely check out Fiverr if you are short on time and need help in any of these areas.
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YouTube Video Ideas + tips to rank on YouTube

Are you looking for YouTube video ideas or a YouTube videos ideas list? Look no further! Click over if you are looking for content ideas and video ideas to get your channel growing this year!

**NOTE: This blog post contains affiliate links**

Are you looking for YouTube video ideas or a YouTube videos ideas list? Look no further! Click over if you are looking for content ideas and video ideas to get your channel growing this year!

Ok, so if you are interested in growing your YouTube channel and need some ideas for content, look no further! Below are five types of content that you can optimize for search and leverage to grow your channel. Let’s do this!

The very first type of content that you can create regardless of your niche are how to videos. The how to video is an informational video that essentially teaches your audience to do something. This type of video is great because there are many search terms that lend themselves well to this video format. As an example, you could create a video around How to create a garden, or How to bake a chocolate cake. Both of these examples team your audience something.

The next type of video that you could create are tutorials. These are similar to how to videos in that they are teaching your audience how to do something. Tutorials are usually more detailed or technical in nature, as a how to video that simply talks to your audience about how to do something would not be labeled as a tutorial. An example of a tutorial could be a screen cast of how to set up a Facebook ad, or showing someone how to achieve a particular makeup look.

The next video idea, interviews, are a great way to build legitimacy within your niche while also using cross promotion to grow your channel. If you interview someone with at least the same number of followers or subscribers as yourself, you have the potential to grow your presence by gaining exposure to their audience.

When it comes to product demonstrations, video is one of the absolute best methods to do this! Video allows you to see everything there is to see about a product. Whether you are selling beauty products, clothes, or notebooks, you can easily demonstrate and showcase these products through video!

Product Reviews are a great way to help your audience out with their purchasing decisions and potentially earning affiliate income in the process. For example, if you do a video comparing two types of DSLR cameras, you could provide an affiliate link to Amazon in the description where your audience could buy the products. Remember, be sure to let your audience know in advance that the article contains affiliate links.

When it comes to ranking for search on YouTube, it is extremely important to focus on two primary areas: keywords that have a high volume and low competition. One of the best ways to find these types of keywords is to first download keywords everywhere. This tool will show you an accurate YouTube search volume.

Next, you should download TubeBuddy. When entering a keyword, use the unweighted section and aim for a keyword with ‘good or above.’ It also helps to check out the search results for that keyword in incognito mode. If most of the results are YouTube that have millions of subscribers, it will be pretty difficult to rank.

Next, you should always optimize your video description and tags section. Use the maximum amount of tags and find these tags by using the YouTube search bar to find similar keywords. 

It is important to use these tags in your video description in a natural way using complete sentences.

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10 YouTube Tips for Bloggers to fix a stagnant channel

 If you are a blogger that is looking for youtube tips for beginners or youtube tips ideas, then this article is for you! This article will share with you my hacks, tips and tricks for growing your channel on youtube. Get these YouTube tips by clicking over!

 If you are a blogger that is looking for youtube tips for beginners or youtube tips ideas, then this article is for you! This article will share with you my hacks, tips and tricks for growing your channel on youtube. Get these YouTube tips by clicking over!

Ok, I am very excited to share these YouTube tips with you! I’ve been on YouTube since about 2012 and have seen MANY changes in the platform. Over time I have gotten used to testing different strategies, I have continued to learn and definitely have some insights to share with you! Ok, let’s get to it!

The very first tip that I have for you is to pick one broad niche to focus on and test sub niches until something sticks. The reason why this is important is 1) because your audience needs something consistent to associate you with. For example, if one day you post a lifestyle vlog and the next day you post a business video, this could confuse your audience! Instead, pick one larger topic and make a list of the sub topics that you could talk about. If you run a business channel, there are a TON of subtopics that you could talk about, such as social media marketing, goal setting and business plans, to name a few.

The next tip I have for you is to create playlists on your channel. The primary reason for this is that by creating a playlist of related videos, this will encourage visitors of your channel to watch more of your videos. When a video on a playlist ends, it automatically goes to the next video on your playlist and increases the chance that you audience will stay on the platform and binge your content. The YouTube algorithm likes this because you are keeping more people on the site. In addition, this will increase your videos and hopefully help your watch time. to organize your videos better and encourage visitors to watch more of your videos

When you are getting into the groove of creating videos, remember to be as consistent as possible with your video publishing schedule. This is important because your audience will begin to expect to see your videos at a certain time of the week. If you have great content, your audience will build traction and continue to grow as you maintain this consistent schedule. 

If you want to maximize the chances that your videos will succeed on YouTube in the long run, keyword research is critical! It is important for you to pick a high volume, low competition keyword for the most success. Use a tool like TubeBuddy to assess whether this keyword is a good choice for your channel to target.

Next, it is important to create thumbnails that have a consistent brand. This is important because your audience will begin to associate certain visuals and colors with your brand. Also, creating a thumbnail that stand out will also help your videos to stand out in a sea of crowded search results.

If you want to ensure that our videos rank for certain keywords, one important thing to do is to optimize your videos with descriptions and tags. Be sure to use keywords that are closely related to your videos. Also, avoid keyword stuffing. You want your description to include legitimate, complete sentences so that your account does not get flagged in a negative way.

If you are serious about your growth on YouTube, begin to connect with other YouTubers, comment on videos and build friendships! This will go far to increase your reach on YouTube because you will have a tribe of people that support your videos.

Next, when people comment on your videos, always respond! The more comments that you get on your videos, the better. This shows YouTube that people are interested in watching your videos!

As soon as you publish a video, immediately promote your videos on your social media accounts. This will help to extend the reach of your videos and increase the likelihood that your videos will be shared. The goal is to get as many likes, comments and shared within 24 hours, so ask friends and family to engage as well!

Finally, it is incredibly important to use cards and end screens on your video. This is because cards help to redirect your audience to related videos, increasing views on your channel and also keeping people on the YouTube platform. Additionally, end screens at the end of the video can encourage users to subscribe to your channel and watch other related videos. This, in turn, encourages people to stay on YouTube, which is what YouTube wants.

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Stop stressing about content with these Instagram post ideas

Are you looking for instagram post ideas to kick off your 2020? Whether you are looking for instagram post ideas for your business, creative tips, or inspiration for your next instagram post, this list is for you! Click over to check it out!

Are you looking for Instagram post ideas to kick off your 2020? Whether you are looking for Instagram post ideas for your business, creative tips, or inspiration for your next Instagram post, this list is for you! Click over to check it out!

We all know that with the Instagram algorithm constantly changing, it can be difficult to know what content performs best. One of the primary ways to understand what type of content you should be posting is to start testing! My recommendation would be to make a list (like the one I’ve provided for you below) and begin testing each type of content at different times of the day with a solid Instagram hashtag strategy.

So, with that being said, let’s go ahead and run through the Instagram post ideas list!

The very first content type that you should test are infographics. Including helpful ideas and tips on your Instagram posts will encourage users to save the post, which means a higher engagement rating for you. Give this one a try and let me know how it goes!

Next, consider creating a tutorial of some sort. If you are in an industry that is highly searched, consider creating a post where you teach your audience how to do something. You could also create a short video tutorial and upload a separate thumbnail to maintain the aesthetic of your feed.

As mentioned above, informational content does well on Instagram because it leads to post saves and also keeps users on the platform longer. Consider creating a post where you are sharing tips and tricks within your industry.

If you have the flexibility to post about food, this is a great idea to test out. Try using contrasting backgrounds and organization to create an aesthetically appealing food post.

If you do not share a lot about yourself on Instagram, try creating an introduction post. This is helpful because it puts a face to the account and makes your profile as a whole much more relatable.

Audiences love getting a behind the scenes look! Consider creating a post that represents your routine in some way. Whether its a picture of you checking emails or eating breakfast, this is definitely an idea to test! 

Desk setups are also very popular because you are giving your audience an inside look as to how you work. Consider creating a nice desk space and organizing your ‘work tools’ in an engaging way for a fun Instagram post.

Before and afters offer an interesting contrast for users. Something about a good before and after is satisfying. You can do this in almost any industry, including food, business, and wellness.

Similar to the desk setup, consider creating a post where you organize your work tools on a contrasting background. As an example, if you work in an office, you could use pencils, a smartphone and mouse. If you are an artist, you could use paint brushes if you paint.

If you are organized and have productivity tips to offer, it would be interesting to provide an inside look into what your process is all about. Consider sharing your to-do list to stay productive!

One way to organize photos is to experiment with sections. A photo with 4 sections of the same photo may be more eye catching and cause someone to do a double take.

It is usually a good idea to pay attention to trends as they arise, so consider taking advantage of this! Create a meme based on a trend and hope that it goes viral.

If you are into nature and believe you could add this into your feed without disrupting your content, go for it! Opt for unique and aesthetically appealing photos that use a variety of colors.

Travel photos are extremely popular on Instagram! It would be a great idea to incorporate these types of photos into your feed if they make sense for your niche. Test it out and let me know how this goes!

Finally – last, but certainly not least – people LOVE a good  sneak peak. Whether you are working on a product launch or are about to release a new set of services, a sneak peak could enhance the curiosity of your audience! Just be sure to follow through on the teaser so that you do not lose credibility.

I hope that these Instagram post ideas help you with your content strategy this year. As always, please comment below or email me at with any questions that you have.

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How to create a great YouTube thumbnail

Do you need to spice up your youtube thumbnails? If you need some great youtube thumbnail ideas or want to improve your youtube thumbnail aesthetic, look no further! This article focuses on how to make youtube thumbnails, how to create a youtube thumbnail theme and even provides youtube thumbnail examples. Go ahead and click over to the article if you are looking for youtube thumbnail tips to enhance your creative!

Do you need to spice up your youtube thumbnails? If you need some ideas to improve your youtube thumbnail template, look no further! 

This article focuses on how to make a YouTube video thumbnail and enhance your YouTube thumbnail design. Keep reading if you are looking for youtube thumbnail tips to enhance your creative!

The very first step to creative a great YouTube thumbnail is to ensure that your dimensions are correct. It can be difficult to create a nice thumbnail if the dimensions are off. Your youtube thumbnail size should be 1280 X 720.

Next, you want to be sure to create a YouTube thumbnail design with clear, engaging images. Avoid using pictures that are blurry, dark, or difficult to depict. The pictures that you use in your thumbnail will dictate the tone of the overall thumbnail and determine whether someone will be likely to click over to your video!

Text is also a critical component of your thumbnail. Think of text as another opportunity to capture your audience’s attention and guide them to your video! Instead of just repeating the same keyword-filled title when adding text to your thumbnail, consider adding a phrase that evokes emotion and actually appeals to a human. Adding an element of mystery to your title may engage your audience better.

Next, it is very important to create a color scheme and standard template for your thumbnails. The reason why this is so important is because if your thumbnails are consistent, your audience will begin to easily recognize your videos. It  is also important to create a scheme that will stand out and catch someone’s eye in the YouTube search results. 

I hope that these tips were helpful! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me at

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5 best tips to quickly create stunning Pinterest graphics

Are you creating pinterest graphics for your blog and need some blog graphics ideas? This article helps you to create pinterest graphics and master blog graphic design. If you have a blog and need to discover ideas for pinterest images design or a pinterest template, then this article is for you. Click over to discover design ideas and best practices for pinterest images!

So whether you are new to pinterest or a seasoned pro, it is always a good idea to refresh your pinterest templates! This ensures that you are creating the best pinterest images possible for your blog while also being mindful of new trends in the blogging space.

This article will provide you with ideas for your pinterest blog graphics so that you can create the best pinterest graphic design layout possible.

The very first thing to consider when crafting your pinterest graphic are the dimensions. As of right now, pinterest favors vertical pins with a 2:3 ratio. For example, according to Pinterest, if the width of your pin is 600px, then the height should be 900px. When creating pinterest images on Canva, the default ratio is 735 x 1102 px. 

Next, it is very important to consider your color scheme. According to buffer, the best colors to use when creating pinterest graphics are red, orange and brown. This may be because these colors are warm and inviting and might entice someone to click rather than a color images featuring blues. Regardless, it is really important to test different colors to determine which performs the best for you. Try creating a template with 3 different options, each featuring a different color.

When designing your pinterest graphics, it is also important to use complementary colors. This is primarily because certain colors look a lot better when they are paired with something complementary. If you pair two colors that don’t match, then this could turn off a user from clicking on your pin. Additionally, it is important to utilize a color scheme that makes it easy to read text on your pin. For example, if you have a light background and equally light text, this will be very difficult to read.

Have you ever seen those pins that have 1,000 different things going on in the background, are difficult to read and barely make sense?! Yep, me too! It is best to avoid that at all costs. To do so, here are a few quick pointers that can help:

-Use no more than two types of fonts

-Ensure that everything is readable and that you do not have bold images behind text

-Use only one image per post

-When using a background as an image, be sure to fade/lighten the image so that the text is readable

My final tip for your pinterest graphics is to be sure to test different headlines. What I typically do is create 4-5 images and then test two different headlines. I have seen some blogging experts go as far as to write 5 different headlines and then pick the best ones. Once you write a headline, it is also a good idea to use a tool like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to ensure you are creating a great headline.