Bloggers Reveal Fastest Ways to Monetize Content

Whether you are new to blogging or are looking for ways to revamp your content monetization strategy, this roundup is for you! It is one thing to start a blog and create content, but another thing to monetize this content to build the business of your dreams. Keep reading to learn more!

I asked bloggers the following question:

“What steps can bloggers take to finally make their first sale online (includes affiliate marketing, selling products, etc.)?”

Anil –

Selling online is HARD if you’re new and don’t have any prior marketing skills. It’s NOT rocket science either. 

Here are some of the tips bloggers can use to generate their first sale online.

Build trust: Trust is the key to making money online. People don’t buy from strangers. They buy from the people they know and trust. That’s why influencers often generate HUGE sales whenever they launch a new product or promote anything. 

Offer incentives: Why should anyone buy from you? What’s in it for them? You should provide solid reasons for others to buy from you. Here’s where freebies or incentives come into handy. Offer special discounts or incentives whenever they buy something from you.
Educate your audience: Create awareness about the products you promote. Create in-depth case studies or write unbiased reviews about the products you promote. That’s how you generate more sales.

Jane –

This may seem counterintuitive but the best way to make your first sale as a new blogger is to NOT try to sell anything. For me, building readers’ trust is the first most important step to making your first sale as a blogger. To cultivate this trust, you need to focus first on creating content that provides real value and that is genuinely helpful. Trust me, the money will come soon once trust is established and your readers see that you’re there to help them. I always believe that’s the best way to do it. 

Karrie –

Bloggers don’t typically start creating digital products from the start. They are busy getting blog posts written and overlook this.

1. For speed, join affiliate programs first thing and include those links in your blog posts from the start so that can grow as your traffic grows. 2. Create pins for Pinterest and continue to send traffic to old posts consistently using a tool like Tailwind. (then become an affiliate and write a blog post about how amazing it is! LOL)3. Don’t get overwhelmed by creating some big digital product and making it look all pretty. If it solves a problem, your audience will love you and keep coming back. Start with a simple pdf, video tutorial, or checklist to get started. 4. Add a tripwire product to your lead magnet. No doubt you’ve been told to create a lead magnet.  Make money with it by adding in affiliate links and sell it as a tripwire to your audience when they sign up for your lead magnet. 

Becky –

I think the most important thing is to talk about your offer as much as possible. Too often, people believe “if you build it, they will come.” That’s rarely true. Sales depend on getting eyeballs on your offer. That means sharing about it in all the places, and more often than likely feels comfortable. Share on social media, put it in your email signature, ask friends and family to share about it … get creative and post about your offer everywhere. The more people who see it, the more sales you will make.

Amber –

“When you want to make your first sale online, focus on offering a product that really solves a problem for your readers. It’s important to really think about who you are writing for, how these people live, what are they dealing with on a regular basis, and so on. The more genuinely helpful you are, the bigger the chance to make that first sale! Also, make yourself seen. You can’t get any sales if you aren’t getting traffic, so once you know how to solve a problem, work on getting as many eyes on yourself as possible. “

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