• GoPro Voice Commands – The Best Guide Out There

    GoPro cameras have changed the way we look at filming with compact cameras. High-quality video and audio recordings from a camera so small and robust that you can take it with you underwater, as well as on parachuting trips. GoPro technology is evolving so quickly that they can now utilize GoPro voice commands – more on […]

  • The Best Shotgun Mic for Every Price Point

    Note: Commissions may be earned through the links below. In a world where so many people spend time watching videos, podcasts, shows, highlights, and tutorials for both work and entertainment, the quality of both video and audio is paramount to making this content great. A plethora of DSLR cameras are available to make high-quality videos, […]

  • How to Use Premiere Pro – A Comprehensive Guide

    A world of content creation that requires video on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis can place a burden on business owners and hobbyists to learn to use new and better software. Free software can only go so far, especially in regards to effects, transitions, and other necessities that can make a good video even […]

  • How to Export Premiere Pro Videos – A Video Export Guide

    A modern world requires modern solutions. Adobe has been at the top of the list of best software companies for a while now. Both photographers and video editors use their software, namely Photoshop and in the case of video, Adobe Premiere Pro. Editing is only part of the larger process of creating a great video. […]

  • How to Upload iMovie to YouTube: Tutorial

    In today’s world, many people use the internet, and specifically YouTube, to share their experiences with the world. People have gone from uploading from their computers to uploading videos directly from their phones. Many people use Apple products, like Mac computers and laptops, not to mention iPhones. Apple includes a video editor called iMovie, which […]

  • Video Production Raleigh, NC – How To Grow With Video

    Video Production – Raleigh, NC MKG Media co is a video production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. MKG Media Co. serves businesses and organizations with the primary goal of helping our clients meet their business goals with video. We serve businesses and organizations based in North Carolina as well as national and global organizations. […]

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    Whether you are just starting your journey to a profitable blog or you have already met this milestone, this roundup post delivers advice from some of the most successful bloggers on building a profitable blog. More specifically, this roundup post dives into key lessons learned around building a profitable blog. For those new to blogging, […]

  • Morning Fame – How to use & a complete review

    Tool Overview Like many YouTubers, you might be looking for the right tool to help you better plan your video content and improve the performance of your videos. There are many tools that exist to help YouTubers, including TubeBuddy and VidIQ to name a few. This article will provide my review of Morning Fame. This […]

  • The Best iPhone Filmmaking Equipment: A Complete Review

    Note: Commissions may be earned through the links below. So you might be wondering, why would I purchase iPhone filmmaking equipment? Whether you are brand new to filmmaking or you been in the game awhile, you probably know that filmmaking and video content creation can get pretty expensive. The main reason for this is because […]

  • My Favorite Gear

    Note: Commissions may be earned through the links below. Camera bodies & lenses Audio Drones Tripods