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The Best GoPro Battery – A Complete Buying Guide

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 Interested in finding the best GoPro battery? You are in the right place! While a GoPro is the toughest outdoor action camera on the market, its battery life isn’t great. GoPro’s are unfortunately known for running out of juice quickly, probably because these cameras, while tiny, have a vast amount of functionality and are capable of creating very high-quality content, from raw images to videos. Whether you’re hiking, surfing, skydiving, or snowboarding, you want to be able to capture the thrills without having your battery suddenly die, right? For this reason, you’ll need more power than just the one lithium battery that came with your GoPro. Keep reading to find the best GoPro battery for your next adventure.

Who Should Buy a GoPro Battery?

Everyone who has a GoPro or is thinking of investing in one should consider purchasing spare batteries. You can really only get an hour to an hour and a half of shooting time out of a GoPro battery, so the one that comes with your camera is just not enough when you are capturing a lot of footage. You also might need an arsenal of spare batteries if you are shooting in remote locations where you don’t have access to a charger. There is nothing worse than running out of battery life right when you are trying to get a shot. 

Useful Tips for Monitoring the Life of a GoPro Battery 

Having your battery die while you are shooting is not only annoying, it can corrupt the files you’ve already shot. Here’s how to monitor your battery life on your GoPro, so you know when you need to swap out your batteries or buy some new ones.

What is a GoPro Battery Warning? 

Your GoPro will show an indication banner that the battery is running low, which means that you should immediately switch out the battery to avoid having your GoPro suddenly power off. Unfortunately, you won’t receive an audible notification until the camera beeps when the battery has completely died. 

How Can I Monitor the Health of a GoPro Battery? 

There is a battery health detection option built-in to many of the GoPro models, like the Hero 8. By navigating to the battery health screen, you can see how your battery is doing. Unfortunately, this feature only works with official GoPro batteries. For all other batteries, you will know that they are nearing the end of their usage when they no longer hold a charge well. The typical lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is around 2-3 years or 300-500 charge cycles

Find the Best GoPro Battery – How to Choose the Right Battery?

While GoPro insists that you should only use their batteries, there are a lot of third-party options on the market that work just as well if not better. To find the best GoPro battery, you should take into account the following considerations.

  • Charge Time: Typically, GoPro batteries take between 1.5 to 2 hours to charge completely. This will vary based on climate and the type of camera you are using. The charging station will also matter when it comes to overall charging time. For example, charging via a USB port can take up to four hours, while charging in a wall outlet should be under two hours.
  • Power Retention: Looking for the best GoPro battery life options? In general, batteries with a higher mAh rating will last longer than their counterparts. Newer batteries are always going to hold their charge better than older ones.
  • Cold Weather Performance: If you are frequently filming in cold climates, then you need to pay attention to which batteries you choose. Many off-brand batteries do not function well in freezing temperatures, which will put your filming at risk.

The Best GoPro Battery – A Complete RoundUp 

Now that you know what to look for in GoPro batteries, here is a list of some of the best choices on the market.

Best GoPro Batteries on Amazon: Artman Hero 8 Batteries 

gopro hero 8 batteries

Starting your search on Amazon will lead to plenty of great options, like the Artman Hero 8 battery. This three-battery pack with a storage charger is a contender for the best GoPro battery overall.

  • Includes: 3 Lithium Ion Batteries, 3-Channel LED USB Storage Charger
  • Compatible with: GoPro Hero 6/7/8
  • 1500mAh
  • ​​Battery Voltage: 3.85V
  • Price: $36.99 for 3 Battery Pack

Pros: With the purchase of this battery pack, you get three separate Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged simultaneously within the storage charger. The black charger looks like a small square cube that is very sleek and portable. Unlike a standard charger, this one can be used with a wall adapter, car charger, or power bank. The charger shows the status of each battery with a light that goes from red to green so you know when a battery is fully charged and ready to be used.

Cons: The charge of these batteries don’t hold for as long as a real GoPro battery. Also, charging your GoPro batteries in this charger isn’t easy as the pull tab on the batteries is facing the wrong direction. It was clearly designed to charge the Artman batteries. 

Best GoPro Rechargeable Batteries : Official GoPro Black Hero 9 Rechargeable Battery

official gopro battery

This is the official GoPro battery, so it feels like the safest buying choice. Reliable and fully functional, it’s good to have at least a few official GoPro batteries when you are doing lots of filming. 

  • Includes: 1 Lithium Ion rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with: GoPro Hero 9 
  • 1720mAh 
  • ​​Battery Voltage: 4V
  • Price: $19.99 

Pros: First of all, you won’t have a warning screen pop up when you use an official GoPro battery, as you will with all aftermarket batteries. You’ll also have full functionality of your camera, including actions like TimeWarp, HyperSmooth Boost, and Live Burst that require a high processing power that some third-party batteries won’t support. GoPro batteries perform well in cold conditions, including below-freezing temperatures, whereas many other batteries do not. 

Cons: While this is the best GoPro battery overall, it’s $19.99 for one, which is not a good deal when compared to the other third-party options out there. 

Best GoPro Extended Batteries: TOMSHEIR Replacement Batteries for GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5

replacement batteries

TOMSHEIR replacement batteries are a popular purchase, made more enticing by the unique charging station with LED digital display that comes with them.

  • Includes: 3 Lithium Ion Batteries, a 3-channel charger including USB cable and battery storage cases
  • Compatible with: GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5
  • 1800mAh 
  • Battery Voltage: 3.85V
  • Price: $32.99 for 3 Battery Pack

Pros: At 1800 mAh, these batteries have the highest mAh rating on this list, meaning that they should be the longest-lasting GoPro battery. An LED digital screen on this charger shows the exact percentage of charge for each battery being charged. The charger also features a built-in USB 2.1A USB cord as well as ports for a micro USB and Type C, so you can charge your spare batteries very easily. 

Cons: If these batteries do not work with your GoPro model, you may have to update the software on your GoPro. 

Best GoPro Replacement Batteries: Wasabi Power Hero 8 Battery

gopro 8 battery

Simple and affordable, this Wasabi battery pack is chosen by many GoPro users. Charge these replacement batteries from any power source when you’re on the road.

  • Includes: 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, dual USB charger with micro USB and USB Type-C Ports
  • Compatible with: GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5
  • 1220mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 3.85 V
  • Price: $20.99 for 2 Battery Pack

Pros: Wasabi offers a warranty of 3 years, which is the longest on this list.

Cons: Some customers reported a loss of functionality when using these batteries with a Hero 8. The charger is also pretty basic, with none of the bells and whistles that other models offer. 

Best Cheap GoPro Batteries: Smatree Batteries

cheap battery options

If you are looking for a budget option for batteries, then these Smatree batteries fit the bill. 

  • Includes: 2 Lithium Ion batteries, Rapid 3-Channel Charger, USB cord
  • Compatible with: GoPro Hero 8/7/6/5
  • 1220 mAh
  • 3.8V
  • Price: $19.99 for 2 Battery Pack

Pros: These batteries have extra safety features that make them stand out. For example, they cannot be overcharged, won’t short-circuit, and have high-temperature protection. They are also fire-resistant.

Cons: The warranty for these batteries is only one year, which is much shorter than some alternative batteries. You won’t know for sure how they do in the long run before the warranty expires.

Best GoPro Battery Charger: TELESIN ALLIN BOX Portable Charger For GoPro Hero 9

portable charger

Looking for the best GoPro battery charger? If you want a durable charging box that can withstand inclement weather, then you should consider this option.

  • Includes: 3 Slots Battery Charger, 1 TF Card Reader, 2 TF Card Storage
  • Input: Micro USB 5V 2A   
  • Output Voltage: 4.4V 800mA   
  • Weight: 200g   
  • Average Charge Time: Max 2.5 Hours
  • Cable: Type C 3.0 cable
  • Price for Charger Only: $23.99

Pros: This charger is rated for IP54 waterproof, which is particularly useful if you spend a lot of time at sea or in the rain or snow. While it shouldn’t be submerged, the storage box will keep your batteries dry in most situations. It has a unique storage compartment for 2 SD cards as well as an SD card reader. This container also claims to be made with eco-friendly materials.

Cons: At over $20 just for this charging box with no batteries included, this product is not the most affordable option on the market. It can also be purchased with two or three batteries, which adds significantly to the cost, up to $56.99 for three batteries. 

Aftermarket GoPro Batteries – Should You Buy or Avoid?

The best GoPro battery is undoubtedly the one made by GoPro, but that’s not your only good option. While GoPro batteries are still the most trusted, there are plenty of aftermarket batteries that work just as well and come at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. 

Pros of Buying

The obvious benefit of buying aftermarket batteries is the price. On average, they are at least half the cost of official GoPro batteries. You’ll also find that some come with innovative charging systems that are portable and charge multiple batteries at a time.

Cons of Buying

On the other hand, there is a risk factor associated with aftermarket batteries, primarily that you can not know exactly how they will perform in all scenarios. While they might be fine in a normal climate, they might stop working in very low temperatures. The batteries also might not be able to perform certain functions that require a high level of processing power. Also, it is completely in GoPro’s power to make their future cameras incompatible with aftermarket batteries. While this is unlikely, it is something to consider.

Verdict: Buy A Mixture of GoPro and Aftermarket Batteries

So, what’s the best GoPro battery for you? Now that you have our recommendations for the best GoPro batteries to consider, your choice will come down to what type of charger you prefer and what specific activities you intend to use the batteries for. While the safest choice is the official GoPro batteries, it is a more cost-effective solution to have a few aftermarket batteries as spares. A mixture between the two will keep you well-equipped for all of your upcoming adventures.


How to extend the life of your GoPro battery? To make your battery last longer, be sure to turn it off when not in use, use the AUTO OFF function, turn down the light on the LCD display and turn off the WiFi and GPS functions.

Can I charge my GoPro batteries all night? Yes, GoPro batteries will automatically stop charging when they are full, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging the charger while you sleep.

Do GoPro batteries go bad? Eventually, your lithium-ion rechargeable batteries will give out and no longer hold a charge. This typically happens after a couple of years or between 300-500 charging cycles.

Want to learn more about best practices when using a GoPro? Check out this article on the best GoPro voice commands.

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