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The Best Background Ideas for YouTube Videos

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If you are looking for the best background ideas for YouTube videos, you are in the right place! Whether you are new to YouTube or have been creating videos for a while, you might be looking for a fresh perspective or some new ideas on how to liven up your background. This article serves as a guide for anyone who needs to create or refresh their YouTube backdrop. I provide a guide on how to create your own YouTube studio as well as how to stage a live background. In addition, I provide recommendations on the best backdrops to buy for your YouTube background.

There are so many benefits to crafting a great YouTube background, which I explain in the next section below.

The Benefits of a Great YouTube Background

Creating a well-done, engaging, and professional YouTube background is a goal for many YouTubers. Not only does crafting a nice YouTube background make your video more engaging, but it makes you appear more professional or serious as a YouTuber. The primary reason behind this is that if your background looks nice, your viewers will notice. You can easily tell the difference between a background where effort has been put in versus a background where very little effort was put forth.

If you have a plan when it comes to putting together your YouTube background, this can also help to make your filming process much easier. If you are looking for a process to put in place to reduce stress the next time you film, this is for you!

Top 30 Background Ideas for YouTube Videos

Simple YouTube Background Ideas

The first category of YouTube background ideas is all about simplicity.

Solid Color Backdrops

A solid light pink-colored photo backdrop.

Solid color backdrops are some of the most simple, yet effective, types of backdrops. You really can’t go wrong with a solid color backdrop as long as the backdrop isn’t the same color as the clothing that you are wearing. There are also many materials that you could use to achieve a solid color background, ranging from paper to painted walls, to even sheets.

Here is a solid color backdrop on Amazon that could be worth checking out.


Red, white polka dot curtain.

Curtains can serve as great backdrops because they add some dimension and texture to a video. They can also be swapped out easily if you are looking to switch things up and find a new color.

Check out this simple, white curtain from Amazon.


A marbled, gray and white photo backdrop.

When it comes to patterns, there are so many to choose from based on your taste! There is literally something for everyone, ranging from bright colors to more neutral tones. You could purchase a patterned backdrop or even utilize a sheet of wallpaper to achieve the look you are going for. Below are a few backdrop options available for purchase.

Marble pattern backdrop on Amazon.

Leopard print backdrop on Amazon.

A Blank Wall

A blank, white wall with a white filing cabinet, white flower pot with a cactus and white chair.

Sometimes, all you need is a blank wall. Depending on the types of videos you are creating, you might not need anything more than a blank wall. I’d encourage you to try different angles and lighting to see what looks best. You could also paint a wall a different color.

Realistic Backgrounds

Below is a list of realistic backgrounds for your next YouTube background idea. Some of these are actual physical locations, but I’ve also provided backdrop alternatives for some of these in case you don’t have access to these locations.

Sometimes, you want to find a backdrop that looks real but isn’t. I actually love these types of backdrops because sometimes they look extremely real. There’s something cool about having an actual wall behind you, but utilizing a backdrop can make it seem like you are in a completely different location.


An example of a bookcase as a background idea for a YouTube video.

Everyone loves a good bookcase background. This type of background is super easy to achieve because even if you don’t own a bookcase, you could purchase a backdrop. This is such a classic when it comes to the backgrounds that look real but actually aren’t.

Here’s one bookcase background to check out on Amazon.


Modern office backdrop with big, open windows overlooking the city. Includes a couple of plants with a long table and a laptop with a few chairs.

Sometimes you want a more professional vibe when creating videos. This is a super easy, accessible way to instantly create a nice-looking YouTube backdrop. The one downside to this is that you may not have access to an office. This is where an office backdrop comes into play! There are so many options out there when it comes to making your YouTube video background look more professional.

Check out this modern office backdrop available on Amazon.

Conference Room

Photo of a white conference table in a room with white chairs.

Another professional-looking backdrop that anyone can leverage is a conference room! If you do not have access to this type of location, you can absolutely purchase a backdrop that replicates a conference room or use a green screen to get the effect.


Big, open windows overlooking trees in a field. Blue skies.

Windows can be a bit tricky when using as a backdrop because real windows can cause your video content to be backlit. This basically will make the subject of the video very difficult to see. One alternative is to use a window backdrop. Whether you are looking for a more elegant window backdrop or a more corporate look and feel, using a window backdrop can be a great way to add some light and color to your YouTube background setup.

Check out this window backdrop option from Amazon.

Living Room

A modern living room with white walls and dark, hardwood floors.

Utilizing a living room as a backdrop for your YouTube videos could also be a good idea depending on the look and feel that you are trying to convey. If you plan to purchase a backdrop, there are so many options regarding the style of the living room that you choose. You have the option of going for a more cozy living room or something a little more modern.

Check out this modern living room backdrop on Amazon.


A big, warm, fiery fireplace that can serve as a potential background idea for a YouTube video

Going along with the cozy theme, a fireplace is also another great option for YouTube backgrounds. This type of backdrop is also commonly used for virtual calls.

This is a very rustic and cozy fireplace backdrop on Amazon.


Modern kitchen with white backsplash and metal appliances.

If you create YouTube videos that involve cooking, using a kitchen as a background could be a great option. You could even feature some of your favorite cookbooks or ingredients in the background. If you don’t have access to a really nice kitchen that you would like to feature in your videos, a backdrop could also be a way to do this.

Here is one kitchen backdrop that can be purchased on Amazon.


A minimalist photo of a plant on a white background.

The cultivation of plants is becoming more and more popular these days. I’m a big fan of incorporating plants and really like the aesthetic. If you are going for something a little more natural yet eye-catching, this could be the background for you.

Check out this Amazon plant backdrop.

Rustic Backdrops

You might be looking for a YouTube background that isn’t quite as bright with a much more rustic look and feel. Below is a roundup of the most rustic background ideas for you to try. Check out the list below.

Brick Wall

This is a rustic brick background featuring different shades of white, red and brown.

A brick wall is an absolute classic when it comes to YouTube backdrop ideas. A brick wall is rustic and also provides a punch of color. Speaking of color, you don’t have to stick with a red brick backdrop as there are other colors to choose from as well! I really like the look and feel of the white brick background.

Check out this white brick wall backdrop from Amazon.

Here is a highly rated red brick backdrop on Amazon.

Wood Panels

Light brown and cream-colored wood panels. Wood panels can be used as a background idea for a YouTube video.

If you are looking for an even more rustic backdrop option, wood panels could be right for you! Similar to the brick, you could also go with a lighter shade of wood panel if you do not want a really dark background.

Here is a light-colored wood panel backdrop from Amazon.

Barn Door

Red barn in the country.

Barn doors can give off both rustic and country vibes, making it a really fun YouTube backdrop for creators to use! You can go with a more worn-down barn door or a brightly painted red barn door.

Check out this bright red barn door backdrop on Amazon.

Rustic Flowers

A wood panel backdrop with rustic images. This is a good YouTube background idea.
If you are a fan of multiple styles and like to mix and match, you might be interested in a flower-on-wood panel backdrop.

Check it out here.


Wooden map of the world with thumbtacks on random parts of the map. Another YouTube background idea.

Using a map as a background has to be one of my favorite options! There are so many cool maps out there, such as historical maps and even maps based on where coffee beans are roasted. This would be great for anyone who makes videos about travel.

Colorful Backdrops

When it comes to colorful backdrops, the options are limitless! There are so many different backdrops that fit within this category. Let’s check out the options now!


A gold glitter background.

Glitter YouTube backdrops create such a fun atmosphere and can be done with any color! You can create your own glitter backdrop using paper, or you can purchase a pre-made backdrop.

Check out this golden glitter background on Amazon.


A pink and yellow painted background. A potential YouTube background idea.

You can utilize paint to create any type of background! The options are limitless. You could stick to just a few shades, or create something really complex. The choice is yours!


Background featuring different shades of yellow and beige with paper mache and origami-style decorations.

Paper can be used to create a stunning, colorful backdrop. You can incorporate origami into your backdrop or even paper mache techniques!


This is a watercolor backdrop featuring pink, purple and blue. This could be a potential YouTube background idea.

The watercolor style can be used in so many different ways to create a gorgeous YouTube video background! You could literally paint a giant watercolor photo or you could create a custom background using watercolor shades.

Check out this Wwatercolor backdrop on Amazon.


Painted picture of a rainbow.

Rainbows are another bright, colorful option to use for your next YouTube background! You can create a rainbow design in a variety of ways, ranging from paints to paper.

DIY YouTube BackGround Ideas – Let’s Get Creative!

Creating a custom YouTube background is one of my favorite options from this list because it is totally unique and extremely creative. Creating your own YouTube backdrop is also a really fun activity. Below is a list of my favorite ideas.

Faux Vine Wall

Pre-made vine wall backdrop from Amazon.

I really like the idea of creating a wall of vines! This could be a really fun project and you could customize the vine wall based on your taste. For example, some vines are going to be more dainty while others will be more chunky. You could also space out the vines or create a more filled-in look by adding more vines to the backdrop. You could easily start this project by grabbing supplies at your local craft store. If you’d like to purchase a pre-made vine wall, check out this option on Amazon.

Dried Flowers

Dried light pink roses and other flowers against a white background. Another potential YouTube background idea.

Ahh, I absolutely love dried flowers! They are seriously so gorgeous and I love the concept of creating a beautiful backdrop using real flowers. Your backdrop could literally double as a work of art. The coolest thing about this is that two people might have something completely different in mind when it comes to creating a backdrop with flowers. You have complete control over the creative direction and types of flowers that you will use.

Paper Butterflies

Artificial bright blue butterflies against a light pink brick wall.

As mentioned earlier in the section on paper, the options to create are limitless! I think it coil be really fun to create a colorful backdrop and then add more texture and dimension with some paper butterflies.

Grass Wall

A wooden bench sitting against an all-grass wall.

The use of grass walls in Youtube content is becoming more and more popular! I’m a big fan of this trend. This background is the perfect mixture of bright and fun yet modern.

Melted Crayons

I haven’t seen the melted crayon trend for a while, but regardless, I’m a big fan! Arranging crayons in an appealing color order and then melting them can create some absolutely stunning artwork! You could consider doing something like this for a video backdrop. Please be safe and use proper caution when melting crayons!


This photo features pink and red ribbons hanging. A possible YouTube background idea.

I love ribbons – it is something about the texture and smoothness of ribbons that make them so much fun to work with! You could use ribbons in a variety of ways to create a fun YouTube background. One option is to hang a variety of ribbons against a backdrop. You could also create little bows or roses and glue them to a backdrop.

Book Pages

A variety of book pages that could also be a possible YouTube background idea.

If you are an avid reader or create YouTube videos about books, you could tear out pages from books and glue them against a backdrop. I’ve also seen people create roses from book pages, so you could do this and then glue the roses to the backdrop.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood panels are another good YouTube background idea.

I’m a big fan of reclaimed wood! Why let perfectly good wood go to waste, right?! You could create a panel-style backdrop for your next YouTube video.

Seashells / Nautical Theme

Starfish and shells on a wood background. This could be a possible YouTube background idea.

If you are trying to create a more nautical theme for your YouTube backdrop, you could utilize a number of materials ranging from reclaimed wood, seashells, and sea glass.

Hanging Flowers

Colorful flowers hanging on string as a possible YouTube background idea.

One fun trend is to create hanging flowers! You essentially thread flowers onto string and then attach them to the backdrop. The more flower strings you can add, the better! You could have a lot of fun with the color combinations and flower types.

Macrame Backdrop

Macrame wall hangings are another good YouTube background idea.

Macrame is back! It is really cool to see how popular macrame has become, once again. You could create one giant macrame backdrop, or mini designs and then attach them to a backdrop.

Beaded Backdrop

Colorful hanging beads are another good YouTube background idea.

Beads are also another fun idea. You could use beads of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, and string them together to hang on a backdrop.

Virtual Backdrops

An image of a beach with white sand and clear blue water. This is an example of what you could use as a virtual background for your next YouTube video.

Virtual backgrounds for YouTube are a really great way to incorporate scenery that you would otherwise not have access to. As an example, you could incorporate beautiful mountains into the background or even a scene from outer space. I also highly recommend looking into utilizing virtual backdrops if you do a lot of Zoom videos.

Leveraging the Outdoors

The outdoors is full of so many amazing, natural backdrops! You really can’t beat the variety provided by the great outdoors. There are, however, a couple of downsides to filming your content outdoors. The first is lighting. It can be really tricky to get the right lighting for your videos if you are filming outdoors. This is primarily because you are utilizing all-natural light, which is often either too bright or not bright enough for videos. You could help to address this issue by bringing your own light source. Another challenge when filming your videos outside is audio, as there is very little control and often a lot of background noise (cars, people, animals, etc.). It definitely helps to utilize a microphone if you plan to film outdoors.

Back Deck

Back deck overlooking the water. This is a background idea for your next YouTube video.

If you’d like to film your videos outside but want a bit more control, you could consider filming video content on a back deck! If you have a back deck, this could be a great option as you have a bit more space to set up lighting and equipment, but still get the benefit of a really awesome YouTube backdrop – all-natural.

A Park

A beautiful, green park. A possible background idea for your next YouTube video.

Another way to leverage the outdoors when filming video content is by setting up at a park. You might need a permit, so definitely do your due diligence there. Parks can be great because they are often maintained very well and can make for great scenery.

Other Background Ideas for YouTube Videos

Below is a list of other background ideas that you could use for your next YouTube video. Enjoy!

Film in Front of a Window

A window with a plant and green trees outside. This is a background idea for your next YouTube video.

If you struggle with lighting or do not have any lights that you typically use when filming, it could be a good idea to film in front of a window! Filming in front of a window will supply you with some solid natural light to get you started on your videos. It is also a relatively easy setup from there because you can customize your background using tips from this article.

Leverage a Green Screen

A filming light in front of a green screen. A green screen can be used as a background for your next YouTube video.

When you decide to use a green screen for your YouTube video background, the world is your oyster! You could honestly use any type of background if you decide to leverage a green screen. While setting up a green screen can take some work, it is absolutely worth it if you need a more advanced video setup.

Check out this roundup post on green screen ideas for your next video project.


Whiteboard markets on a black table in front of a whiteboard. A whiteboard is a possible YouTube background idea.

If you run a YouTube channel where you are explaining complex ideas or talking about business, leveraging a whiteboard could be a great idea! You could have a few bullet points mapped out on the whiteboard to give your viewers a hint as to what is ahead. You could also have a whiteboard next to you with your writing on it as you go.

Fairy Lights

Strings of fairy lights on a black background.

Fairy lights are just a really fun, original YouTuber background option! This type of background is really common in the beauty and fashion niche and is a simple way to dress up any room.

Neon Lights and Signs

I’m a big fan of neon lights and signs and find this to be a really stunning way to liven up a video background. You can order custom neon signs through Etsy.

Wall Letters

If you don’t mind sticking things to your wall, you could customize a message using letters! Sometimes people will have certain quotes or sayings on their wall and use that as a backdrop to their YouTube videos. Just think – the infamous “Live, Laugh, Love” saying.

Room Divider

Something else I’ve seen YouTubers use is a fold-out room divider. This is a really popular YouTube video background idea because it is super easy to set up – all you do is fold it out and fold it up when you are finished! This is also super easy to store, which is probably my favorite part. Check out this room divider on Amazon.

Framed Decorations

Framed decorations on a wall. A small wooden desk with a black chair and a plant sitting on top.

If you have some cute prints with images or sayings, you could frame these and then set them up in the background of your YouTube video! You could customize this to look exactly how you want and to reflect the theme of your channel.

Your Car (NOT While driving!!)

Back seat of a car with someone else driving.

Some YouTubers make videos in their cars. I think this is fine as long as you aren’t driving (seriously!). This could convey a more casual and relatable theme across your channel, and there is nothing wrong with that!


Light pink satin.

If you are trying to explore different textures and are looking for something smooth, consider satin! Purchasing some satin fabric to use as your background could be a fun way to mix things up and give your background a little shine.


Silver tinsel

If you want a bright, eye-catching background, you could use tinsel! Tinsel is super fun and shiny and is absolutely a great way to stand out in your next YouTube video.

A Monitor
Computer monitor with blue background sitting on a brown desk with speakers, laptop and mouse.

Sometimes when I want to easily change up my backdrop, I film in front of a monitor! I position my computer monitor on the desk behind me and put a cool photo on the monitor to match my color theme.

Stage Your Own Background (In the Room You Are In!)

Benefits of Making Your Own YouTube Background

One of my favorite background ideas for YouTube videos is when you actually create your own live background! This essentially means that you are putting together your own background instead of purchasing and using a backdrop.

Staging a Unique Background for YouTube Videos

Staging a nice background for your YouTube videos can be overwhelming if you are new to staging. Below are a few tips that I have when it comes to creating a background for your YouTube videos.

Six Tips for Staging

Utilize Lights

One of the easiest ways to step up your YouTube background is to use lights! A few examples of this include colored light bulbs or even neon signs, which are becoming more and more popular.

Is Your Background Appropriate?

This might seem obvious, but it is so easy to miss! When you are rushed and in the moment of trying to create your setup and film your video, it can be super easy to leave random things in your background that you might not want in the video.

Utilize Candles

Candles are such a fun way to set a mood for your YouTube videos! Even if you don’t want to use real candles, you can utilize a flameless candle to achieve the same effect.
Artwork – Utilizing different types of artwork can be another way to create a certain aesthetic for your videos.

Calls to Action

The cool thing about designing your own background is that you could use different props to create a call to action! As an example, I’ve seen people with YouTube subscribe pillows in the background of their videos. Another example is keeping a whiteboard in the background with specific calls to action.

Make the Background Repeatable

This might not seem very important, but I can promise that it is! Making sure that your background is easily repeatable is really important for consistency. Most likely you won’t want to change up your background for every video (unless you are a vlogger). Putting together a background that is easy to repeat will be important so that it doesn’t take up a ton of time whenever you decide to film.

Tips for Setting up Your YouTube Studio

Setting up a YouTube studio can be tricky if you are new to video. When it comes to trying out new background ideas for YouTube videos, you want to make sure you are doing it right. There can be a lot to consider, including cameras, lighting, microphones, as well as the space you are filming in. When it comes to setting up your YouTube studio, I have a couple of recommendations.


First, I think it is a good idea to have some additional lighting other than natural lighting. One recommendation is to purchase a ring light.
Here is the one that I use.

If you do not have access to an external light, I recommend filming your videos in front of a window so that you can utilize the natural light coming into your room.


Instead of relying on the in-camera microphone on the camera that you use, I think it is a good idea to invest in an external microphone. Here is one of my favorite microphones.

Room Size

If possible, it is always a good idea to film in a bigger room versus a smaller room. Unfortunately, many of us do not have access to a large space and must make due with a smaller area. Don’t worry – all hope is not lost! It is still possible to create an amazing YouTube filming setup, even with a small room. You will just need to maximize your space and be efficient with equipment take down and set up. Regardless of room size, I recommend positioning your setup either in a corner of the room or next to the wall so that you have plenty of space in the background.

What to Look Out for When Trying Background Ideas for YouTube Videos

Cheap Materials

When purchasing materials to create your background, be sure to read reviews and check out the quality. The last thing you want is to purchase poor-quality materials and be unsatisfied with your YouTube backdrop.

Secure Materials Well

When you are making a custom YouTube video backdrop, be sure to secure materials well as you build. This will help to ensure that your backdrop lasts and doesn’t fall apart.

Color Scheme

Be sure to go with a color scheme that you won’t get tired of, and also a color scheme that you like. It could be a good idea to consider the colors that you wear often as well so that you don’t blend into your background.


It could be good to consider the overall theme of your channel. You want to make sure your background at least somewhat aligns with your theme so that it makes sense to your viewers.

Where to Purchase Materials for Your YouTube Background

If you aren’t sure where to purchase materials to make your background, I can absolutely help! It can be overwhelming when you are trying to bring to life some of your background ideas for YouTube videos.

As you’ve seen in this article, I’ve included some Amazon links. Amazon is a good resource for finding pre-made video backdrops.

If you’d like to make your own backdrop, I recommend checking out Etsy. Etsy is going to be really great for finding items that have already been made that you could incorporate into your setup. For example, Etsy provides a stellar selection of customized neon lights.

If you are crafty and would like to make your own backdrop, I recommend checking out your local craft store. A few examples include Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and AC Moore. You could also check out Marshalls or TJ Maxx if you are looking for a few more items to finish up your backdrop.

Where to Find Inspiration for Your YouTube Background Ideas

Below is a short guide on where to find inspiration when putting together background ideas for YouTube videos.

Other YouTube Videos

One way to find out what looks best and also what is trending is to explore other YouTube videos. This way, you can see what other YouTubers are doing, gain inspiration, and make a few tweaks to customize.

Photo Shoot Images on Instagram

I really enjoy checking out behind-the-scenes looks at photoshoots on Instagram. Typically, these photoshoots are super creative and some of these videos provide tips and tricks. You might find some really cool ideas while scrolling on Instagram.

TikTok Videos and Instagram Reels

I also recommend checking out TikTok videos and Instagram Reels to see what backgrounds other video creators are using. See what looks good and if you are wondering how someone achieved a particular look, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Other Tips When Looking For YouTube Background Ideas

Below are a few additional tips when it comes to finding background ideas for YouTube videos.

Do Your Research

It is really important to plan in advance and to do your research when planning background ideas for YouTube videos. For example, if you plan to order a backdrop, be sure ti do this far before planning to film your videos. This way, you have a chance to properly inspect the backdrop to ensure you are happy with it. This will also give you plenty of time to set up the backdrop.

Don’t Settle for a Background That Doesn’t Fit Your Needs

Seriously, with all of the options out there – do not settle! It really is not worth it. If you aren’t happy with the background you currently have for your YouTube videos, it is time to find a new one or keep looking until you find one that suits you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Return Materials

If you order something on Amazon but are not happy with it, do not be afraid to return the product! If you bought a backdrop and it looks poor quality, consider returning it. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money and you will still be unhappy with your YouTube background setup.


I hope that this article was helpful in providing some background ideas for YouTube videos! There are so many options and ways that you can create a background that is right for you. If you have any questions at all, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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