5 best tips to quickly create stunning Pinterest graphics

Are you creating pinterest graphics for your blog and need some blog graphics ideas? This article helps you to create pinterest graphics and master blog graphic design. If you have a blog and need to discover ideas for pinterest images design or a pinterest template, then this article is for you. Click over to discover design ideas and best practices for pinterest images!

So whether you are new to pinterest or a seasoned pro, it is always a good idea to refresh your pinterest templates! This ensures that you are creating the best pinterest images possible for your blog while also being mindful of new trends in the blogging space.

This article will provide you with ideas for your pinterest blog graphics so that you can create the best pinterest graphic design layout possible.

The very first thing to consider when crafting your pinterest graphic are the dimensions. As of right now, pinterest favors vertical pins with a 2:3 ratio. For example, according to Pinterest, if the width of your pin is 600px, then the height should be 900px. When creating pinterest images on Canva, the default ratio is 735 x 1102 px. 

Next, it is very important to consider your color scheme. According to buffer, the best colors to use when creating pinterest graphics are red, orange and brown. This may be because these colors are warm and inviting and might entice someone to click rather than a color images featuring blues. Regardless, it is really important to test different colors to determine which performs the best for you. Try creating a template with 3 different options, each featuring a different color.

When designing your pinterest graphics, it is also important to use complementary colors. This is primarily because certain colors look a lot better when they are paired with something complementary. If you pair two colors that don’t match, then this could turn off a user from clicking on your pin. Additionally, it is important to utilize a color scheme that makes it easy to read text on your pin. For example, if you have a light background and equally light text, this will be very difficult to read.

Have you ever seen those pins that have 1,000 different things going on in the background, are difficult to read and barely make sense?! Yep, me too! It is best to avoid that at all costs. To do so, here are a few quick pointers that can help:

-Use no more than two types of fonts

-Ensure that everything is readable and that you do not have bold images behind text

-Use only one image per post

-When using a background as an image, be sure to fade/lighten the image so that the text is readable

My final tip for your pinterest graphics is to be sure to test different headlines. What I typically do is create 4-5 images and then test two different headlines. I have seen some blogging experts go as far as to write 5 different headlines and then pick the best ones. Once you write a headline, it is also a good idea to use a tool like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to ensure you are creating a great headline.

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