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15 Effective Evergreen Topics for YouTube (Great for Business Owners!)

Evergreen Topics for YouTube

What Is Evergreen Content?

When considering evergreen topics for YouTube, it is important to understand evergreen content as a whole. Evergreen content is content that will stand the test of time – regardless of the trends. Evergreen content is content that could be valuable one year from now or ten years from now. This article will discuss evergreen content and share 15 of the best evergreen topics for YouTube.

Examples of Evergreen Video Content

One example of evergreen content could be “Ten tips to become more comfortable on camera.” 

Non-examples of Evergreen Video Content

An example of a non-evergreen piece of content is “Ten video marketing trends to pay attention to right now.” 

As you can see, the first example is something that could be relevant at any point in time. This would be an example of evergreen topics for YouTube. The second example is something that is very time-based and will eventually become irrelevant because trends change.

Trending vs. Evergreen Video Content

When it comes to creating evergreen topics for youtube, it is critical to have an understanding of trending content when compared evergreen content.  As mentioned in the previous section, trending content is based on current trends, while evergreen content is based on topics that are relevant at any given point in time.

The Purpose Behind Trending and Evergreen YouTube Video Content

Typically, the purpose for creating trending videos is going to be different than the purpose behind creating evergreen video content. Most of the time, content creators will create trending YouTube videos for entertainment purposes. Sometimes education-based YouTube channels will also promote trending content to get more views on their videos. Evergreen content, however, is going to be the most beneficial for education-based YouTube channels and businesses. These channels are likely more focused on teaching their audiences some type of skill. 

Why Is Evergreen Video Content So Beneficial?

Evergreen content is beneficial because it can work for you for years to come. More specifically, you create one evergreen video and this video can attract viewers for the next ten years (or more!). This is because the topic that you chose is evergreen, meaning it will always be relevant and never go out of style. This is why considering evergreen topics for YouTube is so important.

How to Generate Leads Using Evergreen Video Content

As mentioned in the previous section, evergreen content is great because you created it once and then it does all of the work for you. This is what makes evergreen video content such a fantastic way to generate leads. If you own a business and are using YouTube to generate leads, evergreen video is the way to go. 

Video Marketing Strategy to Generate Leads

One of the best ways to generate leads using evergreen video content is to create a video around the topic that you are targeting. This is one strategy when brainstorming evergreen topics for YouTube. Once you’ve done this, include a link to a free lead magnet so that you can get as many people onto your email list as possible. This will ensure that the people signing up for your email list are directly interested in the topic of the video. As you can see, this is one simple way to generate leads for your business.

Keyword Research and Evergreen Content Ideas

When generating evergreen topics for YouTube, it is very important to conduct keyword research. If you are brand new to YouTube, consider targeting keywords that have about 100 monthly searches with low competition. To make this easier, target phrases or sentences rather than just one or two words. This will also help to further qualify your audience because they are looking for something specific and can be more sure that your video will address their needs.

Evergreen Video Content Examples

Now I’m going to share with you a couple of Evergreen video content examples when considering evergreen topics for YouTube.

Example One: Five tips for building a capsule wardrobe.

Example Two: Ten gardening hacks when planting springtime vegetables.

Example Three: Ten tips for treating dry skin in the winter.

Example Four: How to improve video audio on a budget.

Example Five: Ten of the best national parks to visit in the western united states.

As you can see each of these video content ideas will stand the test of time. no matter how things change in the next five or ten years, each of these topics is still relevant. 

Common Types of Evergreen Content for YouTube

Before brainstorming evergreen topics for YouTube, it is important to understand the different types of evergreen content. Understanding the different types of evergreen content for YouTube will help you to be more organized when brainstorming content ideas. These different types of content are also better for certain buyers depending on where they are in the sales funnel.

Educational Content

Educational content can be used for the awareness or evaluation stages. I typically like to place educational content at the awareness stage because many potential customers need to learn more in order to realize that your product or service will help them. If people don’t realize that they have a problem or understand the scope of the problem, then they won’t know that they need your services.

Examples of Educational Content

When considering evergreen topics for YouTube, examples of educational content range anywhere from “How to” videos to “[Topic] for beginner videos.” There are so many ways that an educational piece of content can be framed, and the goal is to teach the audience something that they don’t currently know or understand.

Case Studies 

When people read case studies, they are typically at the point where they are evaluating different options. for this reason, case studies typically align with the evaluation stage of the marketing funnel. case studies are really great way to showcase results that you have been able to provide someone in your business.

Examples of Case Studies

When it comes to evergreen topics for YouTube, one example of a case study could be, “Company in [any] industry 5x their sales using video marketing.] Another great way to attract attention when creating case study video content on YouTube is to include numbers in your headline.

Tutorials or Demos

Another content type in the evaluation stage includes tutorials or demos. A tutorial could also be a great way to increase customer satisfaction after a purchase has been made. Potential customers will often times check out tutorials or demos of different products and services when they are preparing to make a purchase decision.

Tutorial or Demo Examples

One example of a tutorial could be, “How to use the [product],” or “Five tips when using [subscription/product].” Tutorials or demos are great to consider when coming up with evergreen topics for YouTube.

Check out this article from McKinsey to learn more about marketing funnels.

The Best Evergreen Topics for YouTube

Next, let’s review the top evergreen topics for YouTube. 

Educational Video

I briefly touched on the importance of educational video content as it relates to evergreen topics for YouTube, but this type of content is so important that I want to mention it again. If you are helping your audience to understand that they have a problem and how you can help them with that problem, educational content is one of the best ways to do this. Start by learning more about your target audience and the problems that they are facing. Think back to the last time you had a problem – did you search on YouTube to try to find a quick video to help you figure it out? This demonstrates the power of educational video content.

How Did You Get Into Your Industry/Hobby/Channel Topic?

One of the best evergreen topics for YouTube is to provide a background as to why you got into your current industry. Because your story will not change and it is a part of your history, this would serve as evergreen content. Another way to approach this type of video is to lead with some sort of question that people might be asking before they get into your specific industry.

Client Case Study With Results

As mentioned earlier in the article, a client case study is one of the best evergreen topics for YouTube. This type of content is especially helpful when you are trying to sell a product or a service. Providing case studies to potential clients demonstrates the type of value that you are able to deliver.

How-to Videos

How-to videos are a form of educational content and are extremely popular when it comes to evergreen topics for YouTube. We are all constantly learning, and what better way than through a how-to video? Every industry can leverage how-to videos on youtube. This is also a really great way for viewers and potential clients to understand who you are as an expert in your industry. Providing valuable content and teaching your audience how to do something is a great way to showcase the value you provide in your industry.

Mini Course

Mini-courses are also a form of educational content. I love the idea of creating a mini course and uploading it to YouTube. At the end of the day, people love free information. When you package content up as a mini course rather than just another video, the perceived value automatically increases. Creating a mini-course on a specific topic will also help to position you as an expert in your industry. This way, when someone is interested in purchasing a product or a service in your industry, they will think of you.


Tutorials are another type of educational content and are great to consider when it comes to evergreen topics for YouTube. A tutorial is more hands-on than a how-to video because it walks you through how to do something or shows you how to use a product. Tutorials are a really great type of content to share because they will either help your audience to solve a problem, or help your audience to determine if they want to purchase a product or service.

Day in the Life Videos

If you are planning to create a day in the life video, then this could be considered educational content if the goal is to share what it is like to work in your industry to inform or educate your audience. Alternatively, if the goal is simply to share your day-to-day life to entertain your audience, then this is not considered evergreen. This is because what people are interested in right now (from an entertainment perspective) will likely change five years from now. However, if you are educating your audience on what it is like to be a marketing manager or a fitness instructor, the day-to-day will probably not change a lot and is therefore considered evergreen.

Best Practices on Subject or Industry

Best practices are considered educational content. Regardless of your interest or your area of expertise, there are always best practices that you can provide to help your audience.

Biggest Problems

One type of educational content could focus on the biggest problems or challenges with a specific topic. This is considered evergreen content because these are likely problems that many people within your niche are experiencing (or have experienced) at a given point in time.

Product or Subscription Reviews

Product service or subscription reviews are a great form of evergreen content.  if you are reviewing a well-known product or service, then this could absolutely be considered evergreen content. This is because this product likely still be popular in a few years.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes videos are absolute gold for businesses and educational channels. When it comes to evergreen topics for YouTube, I think that behind-the scenes-videos are extremely underrated. Viewers need to understand what it is actually like to do something, not just the “Instagram” version of it.  Regardless of your interests or industry, there is always an opportunity to provide an inside look at what it is like to actually do what you do (versus what people think it is like).

Industry Checklist 

Industry checklists are a fun form of educational evergreen content. People have so many different interests and are always starting new things. This means that there is a really big opportunity to help out your audience by providing an educational checklist. Regardless of your interest, focus area, or industry, you can create a checklist that will help people in your industry who are just starting out.

Fast Facts About Your Industry

Industry facts are evergreen because they do not change. You can leverage this evergreen topic for YouTube and apply it to anything, ranging from a specific industry, a hobby, or an interest.

Debunk Myths About Your Job or Industry

One of my favorite evergreen topics for YouTube is educational in nature and involves debunking common myths about a specific job, hobby, or industry. This type of video topic is going to be really interesting for anyone who is interested in starting a similar hobby or career.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are one of the best evergreen topics for YouTube because once a book is published, it is typically available to purchase for a very long time. This means that if you publish a book review, you could be helping potential buyers out for years to come.

Repurpose Evergreen YouTube Content to Other Platforms

The cool thing about evergreen YouTube content is that you can easily repurpose this type of content to other platforms. Sometimes you can upload the video as it is, and other times you may need to change the aspect ratio. Regardless, creating evergreen content provides the opportunity to repurpose it to other platforms and get the most from the content you create.

Tips for Creating Evergreen Videos on YouTube

While brainstorming Evergreen topics for youtube, there are a couple of tips that you can leverage to make this process easier and more effective. 

  • Understand what type of content your audience wants to watch
  • Conduct keyword research if posting on social media
  • Provide more value than the competition
  • Combine different types of content
  • Continue to share your evergreen content

Resources for Filming and Editing Evergreen Video Content for YouTube

When you have finished the process of brainstorming evergreen topics for YouTube and you are ready to record your content, below are a couple of best practices for recording your video content. After you’ve brainstormed some evergreen topics for YouTube, these tips will help you to bring your vision to life.

Planning & Filming Your Video Content

It is very important to have a plan when developing your video concept and filming content for YouTube.

Write a “Script”

Be sure to plan out a few talking points before you sit down to film your video. When it comes to creating YouTube videos, I advise against creating scripts because they tend to make people more nervous and take a lot of time to write and memorize. Leveraging a couple of talking points will help you to speak more naturally while staying on track.

Understand What Equipment Is Needed

Next, it is important to understand what equipment is needed. The last thing that you want to do is plan and reserve a time to film your videos to find out you don’t have all the equipment that you need.

Find a Location

 It is extremely important to find the right location for recording your YouTube videos. Whether this is at your office or at your home, be sure to plan this out in advance. I would advise against filming YouTube videos in places where there is a lot of vehicle traffic or talking.

Other Key Factors

A few other things to consider when planning to record video content are the camera, lighting, and audio equipment. It is also important to have a plan for editing your videos.

Editing Your Content

When it comes to editing your YouTube videos, remember that less is more. if you are a video editing beginner, don’t put pressure on yourself to edit your videos like a pro. You will get better with time. If you are interested in taking your video editing to the next level, consider investing in Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to evergreen topics for YouTube.

What Is an Example of Evergreen Content?

When considering evergreen topics for YouTube, one example of evergreen content could be “How to prepare your lawn for the winter when living on the east coast.” As you can see, this is a topic that will remain relevant year after year.

How Much Evergreen and Trending Content Should I Post?

Depending on your niche, you might want to post more evergreen or trending content. If you created your YouTube channel to support your business, I would aim to follow an 80/20 rule (80% educational, 20% trending) when it comes to posting evergreen and trending content. 

However, if you run an entertainment YouTube channel, then you will likely want to almost exclusively post trending content.

What Are Some Evergreen Niches?

The good news is that you can publish evergreen video content on YouTube in any niche. Potential niches range from marketing to beauty to automotive to really anything else.

Evergreen Topics for YouTube Conclusion

If you are brainstorming new content ideas for YouTube, consider incorporating some evergreen topics for YouTube. Evergreen content is excellent for businesses and YouTube channels that are focused on educating their audience. Will you be incorporating more evergreen topic ideas for youtube into your YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments!

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