10 unique and simple ways to make writing blog posts easy

So you need to write blog posts in the most efficient way possible, but you aren’t sure where to begin to write blog content? This is exactly how you write content for your blog the easy way in 2020. Click over to find out 10 tips to make writing blog posts easy!

Do you need to write blog posts but you either suffer from writer’s block, don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed?

Sometimes, getting started can be the most difficult aspect of starting a blog. Other times, you may feel as if your content lacks cohesion or feels disjointed.

We know how important is to be writing blog posts on a consistent basis – and today, you’ll learn all about how to write a successful blog post!

Brainstorm blog topics at once

When thinking about topics, my first tip is to consider brainstorming your blog topics all at once. Think about it – if you spend a chunk of time doing a lot of the same task, you will eventually get into a rhythm and become SUPER efficient at that task. That is absolutely key when mastering your workflow. Use this time to get creative when it comes to brainstorming content.

Revise blog headline with headline analyzer

Next, craft 4-5 potential headlines for your blog. This will ensure that you are challenging yourself to think outside of the box when it comes to your headlines. Then, run your headlines into the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool. Continue tweaking your headline until it is green in the headline analyzer tool. 

Plan your content with bullet points

If the sheer thought of writing a blog post stresses you out, try breaking up the workload by planning out your blog post with bullet points. I use this method and it makes writing blog posts a LOT easier. This also helps to ensure that your blog posts have the right flow and do not go off topic since you’ve already planned your content ahead of time.

Pick your tone – write in a way that feels natural to YOU

When I first began writing blog posts, I felt super awkward because I hadn’t yet identified my tone. Begin writing in any way that feels natural to you. It may take some time to find your tone based on how you write and the audience you are serving, but it will come! Try experimenting with different tones and find what feels most natural to you.


Your introduction is really important because this is the section where you will be hooking your audience. If the intro isn’t engaging, this could cause visitors to leave your site which will increase your bounce rate. A few tips for creating an engaging introduction include 1) asking a question, 2) listing out common pain points of your target audience (that you will address), and 3) Find ways to seem relatable to your audience so that they know they are not alone in their problem.


When it comes to the body of your blog, one of the most important things to do is to keep this section organized. Not all readers ill read your entire blog post, so organizing your blog post with sections will help your reader to find what they are looking for and have a more positive experience. It is crucial to have a consistent flow to your blog post. For example, using a variety of bold headers, italics and paragraphs without any order might be confusing. Instead, pick one way to organize your blog post and stick with it.

Call to action

If you are writing a blog post with a specific goal in mind, it is critical to create a call to action. This will help your audience to have an idea of what the next step is for them in their journey. A call to action could be to join an email list or possibly book a free coaching call. Including links to lower priced items is fine, but I would refrain from directly including links to sales pages for higher ticket items because you are more likely to get a sale via a sales call.

Grammar check and spelling review

Once you have finished writing your post, checking for grammar and possible spelling issues is a MUST! You could use a tool like Grammarly to ensure that you are creating content that is the highest quality possible.

Insert links and resources where necessary

If you have other, related resources or know of another blogger who is an expert around what you are writing about, inserting a link is a fantastic idea. This will ensure that your audience has additional resources and can find more information around what you are blogging about. This is also another way that you can add value to your audience.‘

Do not overthink it – just begin writing!

Finally – last but not least – try your best not to overthink it! Writing is a process and it takes time to feel more comfortable with it. The more you write, the easier it will come to you. Have patience and enjoy the journey! 

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Morgan is a recognized video marketing expert and content creator. She also runs a video production company and has a passion for teaching all things video.