10 genius ways to make more money with your blog

So you are starting a blog and want to learn how to make money with it? This article will teach you how to use your blog for money in 2020! This is exactly how you blog for money in 2020, whether you are a beginner or an expert! Click over to find out 10 ways to make money with your blog!

So, if you have a blog, you’ve probably wondering: what are some additional ways that I can make money! There are honestly so many opportunities to make money with a blog, which is why I’ve crafted this post to share! It is important to be aware of all of the different ways to monetise your blog and how you can make money by writing a blog.

The different methods listed below are crafted from the most successful monetized blogs. So, if you are wondering, can you earn from blogging, now you know!

The first method involves advertising. Using Google Adwords or services like Mediavine, you can begin to accumulate advertising revenue! Many bloggers discount this method because you may not be earning quite as much as other methods, but it definitely ads up and is something that you should explore.

Next up is affiliate marketing. This is a great way to promote products and services for other companies and make a commission without actually needing to create a product of your own!

Next, if you have your own business and create different digital products (or even non-digital!), a blog is a great way to sell. If you can drive traffic to your blog while targeting the right audience, you can use this traffic to sell your own products/services and grow your business.

Once you begin building up some consistent traffic to your blog, consider pitching companies for brand sponsorships. This is a great way to get more visibility, build up your own personal brand, and begin to make money. Once you have a portfolio of companies that you’ve worked with, you can begin to charge higher rates.

Do you have a specific skill set that you are trying to promote? Maybe you own a business? If so, consider coaching others to learn what has helped you to grow your own business! Once you are able to drive enough traffic to your blog, you can begin promoting a coaching program with higher rates.

Are you really good at building blogs? Do you know how to create a quality blog and set it up for success? If  consider flipping websites! This is a great way to make money using your skill sets while also helping to set others bloggers up for success with their new website.

Do you want to open up a store to sell physical products? If you’ve built consistent traffic to your blog, you could use your blog to promote your dropshipping store. This would work well if you are targeting a specific niche, like makeup or sports.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a specific skill that could be taught to people, an alternative to creating a course would be to create an ebook and sell it to your audience. Ebooks are often more affordable than courses, which could potentially result in more purchases depending on your audience.

Another exciting way to build your social media presence is to use your blog to drive traffic to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Once you’ve mastered how to drive traffic, including links to your profiles and content from the different platforms you appear on is a great way to drive traffic.

If you are very skillful at graphic design, video editing, writing, or another trade, you can use your blog to get more gigs! Blogging about a topic related to your skill set and leaving a CTA at the end of the blog promoting your services is one way to get more business.

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Morgan is a recognized video marketing expert and content creator. She also runs a video production company and has a passion for teaching all things video.