10 Bloggers Reveal Biggest Blogging Lessons Learned

Whether you are just starting your journey to a profitable blog or you have already met this milestone, this roundup post delivers advice from some of the most successful bloggers on building a profitable blog. More specifically, this roundup post dives into key lessons learned around building a profitable blog.

For those new to blogging, this can be daunting. You might be asking yourself, “can I ACTUALLY make money from blogging? What mistakes am I currently making?” and if so, this post is for you!

If you happen to be a more seasoned blogger, I hope that this content provides you with key insights from your peers in the industry. Please comment below and let me know which piece of advice is your favorite, or contribute your own advice if you like!

I asked 10 bloggers the following question:

“What is one lesson learned that you can share from your experiences when it comes to building a profitable blog?”

Keep reading for lessons learned when it comes to building a profitable blog this year!

Amira – A Self Guru

“One lesson I learned quickly while building my six-figure blog was that I needed to focus on writing blog posts that were optimized for SEO. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s essential to take the time to learn it. When I first started my blog, I made the mistake of only focusing on Pinterest traffic and neglected Google SEO.

But soon I realized that I didn’t want to solely rely on Pinterest for traffic.

You always want to diversify your sources of traffic, so this way, if Pinterest algorithm changes, at least you will have Google to send you free traffic.

Who doesn’t want to see their article rank on the first page of Google?!

SEO can seem like a beast to master. But, once you get a better understanding of what SEO is and how it works, you’ll appreciate the traffic you’ll start to gain from Google. 

So invest in learning SEO from the very beginning!!

I recommend taking a reputable course to fully understand it, and that’s what helped me build a profitable blog.”

Marina – Yes To Tech

“When it comes to creating a profitable blog, you should think big but start small. I went all out when I started my online business and invested in the highest possible plans of various platforms, such as Wix, Teachable and Leadpages, believing that that’s what I needed to succeed. However, the lower, or even free, tiers would have sufficed, especially since all of these investments were out of pocket. Knowing which platforms will help you scale down the road is important, but it is also important to seek out ones which offer free plans or free trials so you can test the waters out in the beginning.”

Eden – Mint Notion

“The biggest lesson I learned from building a profitable blog is that you can’t please everyone.

Many new bloggers try to create content that will please everyone. Instead of focusing on writing content for one audience, they write about anything and everything. I was definitely guilty of this when I first started my blog.

While it sounds like a smart idea to start a blog that appeals to everyone, it almost never works. This is because when you try to please everyone, you end up attracting no one. Instead, your blog will lack focus, your readers will get confused, and they’ll have no idea what your brand is about or why they should care.

To build a profitable blog, it’s important to focus one creating content for one type of audience. Successful bloggers know who their target audience is, what their reader is struggling with, and how to motivate their reader to accomplish their goal. Once I decided to niche down, that’s when I was able to turn my hobby-blog into a profitable business.”

Kari – Money for the Mamas

“One lesson that I feel is important for a new blogger is to pace yourself!  Especially when it comes to learning everything there is to know about blogging!  Practice “Just in Time” learning, where you only read about stuff that you can implement within the next 1-2 weeks!  If you try to learn everything at once you will overload your brain and it will explode (just kidding, not really).  My best tip is to set up some files on your different systems labeled “topic: learn later”.  So for Pinterest, I have a secret board with sections in there, and whenever I see something of interest I’ll save it to a specific section and then come back to it when I’m ready to learn about it.  For example, you can have sections (or email folders, or saved collections in FB) on “email marketing, Pinterest, sales funnels, graphics, biz operations, strategy, Facebook ads, etc.”

Nora – Nora Conrad

“The best thing I ever did for my blog and business was to stop planning and just write. Even if the content sucks at first, you have to start somewhere, and you will get better. Write a ton of posts, publish one-fourth of them, and get better each time. Never stop learning about your subject either, if you want your blog to be a valuable resource, you need to keep learning and testing things. It’s an ongoing pathway, not a sprint.”

Kayla – Kayla Hollatz

“It’s so important to create a remarkable brand voice that sounds just like you. Ideally, your writing should sound like how you speak! That means it can include some of your quirks, catchphrases, and favorite words. With so many blogs in existence, the best way to stand out is by amping up your personality in your writing. It will make your blog posts more delightful to read and help you build an audience who can’t wait to devour what you share next.”

Abbey – The Virtual Savvy

“My biggest advice would be to focus first on building your audience/email list. Most entrepreneurs want to build a product to sell right away but if you build an audience around one common theme and then ASK them what they want to buy from you, they will tell you exactly what to build!”

Lisa – Mad Money Monster

“One lesson I learned while building MMM is that building a profitable blog takes a whole lot of time and hard work. Yes, there is freedom in running a blog like not having to go to an office or report to a boss, but there is also uncertainty. It’s a stark contrast to the W2 world, so if you enjoy a steady paycheck and employer health bennies, you’ll want to think long and hard before committing to a blog for your full-time gig.”

Madison – Grace and Vine Studios

“My best advice for someone getting started is to dial into your niche as quickly as possible! Your niche will define so much for you so the sooner you can dial into that, the better. Having your niche can help the right audience immediately feel seen and known. It can immediately address your audience’s pain points and struggles, which will lead to deeper connections with your audience! My free branding foundations guide can help you with discovering this!

Michelle – Visibility Vixen

“Focus on traffic and conversions. I build every blog post to convert to a subscriber whose journey will lead to a sale. So many visibility strategies don’t have a clear path to a sale! So I make sure every piece is in place so that I can count on subscriber growth each and every month. It’s been a game changer!”

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